Friday, November 30, 2012

New Release: Gorgon Studios "Fall Weis 1939" Range

Polish 10th Mechanized by Gorgon Studios
Blitzkrieg Laboratories, in coordination with Gorgon Studios, has created the "Fall Weis 1939" range, a 28mm line of miniatures to help wargamers recreate early war battles. From the creative mids of sculptors Steve Saleh who sculpted Polish forces, and Mike Owen who sculpted the Germans, these two armies will embelish your tabletop wargame with these detailed.

During Germany's September Campaign into Poland, the Polish 10th Mechanized Brigade, under the leadership of Col. Stanislaw Maczek, defended their homeland against the 3rd German Mountain Division at Jordanow, as well as the 1st and 2nd German Mountain Divisions at Lwow.

Gorgon Studios
Whether you use these miniatures to recreate battles for Bolt Action or another World War II game, they'll add characterful poses to your army.

So what can you get? All the packages come with 4 metal figures and are obviously unpainted and unassembled and available from Gorgon Studios.

For the Germans you can choose from four sets:

German Gebirgsjäger
Gebirgsjäger Riflemen I
German Gebirgsjäger
Gebirgsjäger with Machinepistols
German Gebirgsjäger
Gebirgsjäger MG-34 Team
German Gebirgsjäger
Gebirgsjäger Officers and NCOs
The one on the left is wearing the reversible smock and carrying an MP-38.  Next is a Mountain Troop leader in windbreaker, also with an MP-38.  The NCO taking a knee is wearing the standard tunic and carrying a mountain carbine.  On the right is an officer in standard tunic with binoculars and Kar98k.

Polish 10th Mechanized
And for the Polish forces, Polish 10th Mechanized Riflemen I

Polish 10th Mechanized
Polish 10th Mechanized wz.1928 (BAR) LMG Team
The Polish army adopted a version of the 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, commonly known in the USA as a BAR, as their squad level support automatic weapon. This pack comes with two gunners and two loaders, all in Stahlhelm and tanker jackets. These will add much needed firepower to your 10th Mechanized squads trying to slow down the German invaders!

Polish 10th Mechanized
Polish 10th Mechanized Support Weapons (Kb ppanc wz.35 Anti-Tank Rifle Team and Granatnik wz.36 46mm Grenade Launcher Team)
These figures man portable Anti-Tank weaponry ala 1939! The results of a Top Secret Polish program codename "Uruguay", the Kb ppanc wz.35 was a 7.9mm bolt action Anti-tank weapon that was very efficient for its time. Great at stopping those light Panzers! This pack also contains a Granatnik wz.36 46mm Mortar Team, the versatile small mortar used by the Polish during the 1939 invasion.

Polish 10th Mechanized
Polish 10th Mechanized Officers and NCOs
Two of the figures are wearing the characteristic 'Stahlhelm' that the Polish army had in stores from German and Austrian Great War stocks. The other two are wearing the 10th Mechanized black beret that was issued to all ranks. Two different beret styles were in use at the time hostilities broke out in 1939.

Warsaw Rising
Three of these leaders of Poland's only undefeated unit are carrying the 9mm ViS wz.35 pistol in addition to their kb wz.98a rifle. For other info on these two forces, check our post on Warsaw City of Ruins from back in September.

Have a Great Battle
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