Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Release: The Hobbit Trolls, Hunter Orcs and Fell Wargs Oh My!

Here  we have it, Games Workshops renditions of the Hobbit an Unexpected Journeys bad guys, Trolls,  Hunter Orcs and Fell Wargs. I think the most anticipated figures, other than Bilbo and the dwarves, would be the Trolls who capture Thorin and company. Well Tom, William and Bert are ready to waylay travelers to satisfy their considerable appetites. They are large, tough and exceedingly dangerous.

These Stone Trolls are colossal in nature and are wonderfully detailed models. Their skin is thick, creased and weathered like rocks, and they are garbed in simple clothing such as loin cloths and straps.

They're sculpted in dynamic poses, looming forward with an outstretched arm or towering over their foes, and they carry a range of items - one of them holds up a huge piece of tree, ready to smash it down on someone.

Another clutches a spoon (though there are options for it to be armed with a fork or piece of timber if a spoon isn't vicious enough). The kit comes with a piece of meat roasting over a fire, which is surrounded by rocks.

There is also a small pile of tools and weapons suitable for significantly shorter people, as well as items of luggage.

This kit will run you a whopping 85 USD and contains 44 components, three 60mm round bases, with which to make three Stone Trolls.

To add to the mayhem, you can pick up a kit full of Hunter Orcs! For 35 USD you get 28 components and twelve 25mm round bases with which to make 12 Hunter Orcs.

Hunter Orcs are the fast-moving and fanatical right hand of Azog, a relentless band who will stop at nothing to slay his quarry.

These Hunter Orc miniatures come in an array of dynamic poses. They sport mainly bald heads with tufts of hair in the centre, lending them a savage appearance. They possess muscular torsos with limited armour across their thighs and upper bodies.

They carry bows and a quiver full of arrows is slung over their shoulder, while some grip curved, crude blades.

Hunter Orc on Fell Warg miniatures, as we might expect, also come in an array of dynamic poses. These Hunter Orcs are sitting atop the Wargs, which are sculpted to have the appearance they're on the run. In a variety of poses, the creatures possess a prominent spine, with thick fur covering the front of beast. Each one has a ferocious head, snarling expressions and exposed teeth.

Powerfully muscled, with thick matted fur, Fell Wargs would be considered fearsome even before one saw the dark glow in their eyes and realised that they are possessed by a sinister eldritch force.

This kit costing 40 USD contains 44 components and six 40mm round bases with which to make 6 Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs.

Let us know what you think of these models and the game. Are you excited for its release and the model range or is it what you expected from Games Workshop.

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