Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make a Steampunk Pump Action Raygun Rifle

Here we go, one more How to build! A Steampunk rifle for our Vostroyan Costume.

This time we needed a rifle of some sort. We started with a pump action airsoft shotgun we purchased for about 35.00.

And here we have an assortment of old parts from the parts bin.

We hot glued a couple capacitors and plastic pieces to the back of the receiver.

Using the Rustoleum Hammered metal paint again we sprayed the barrel, action bar and the receiver.
We painted the ventilated top rib with the bronze color hammered metal.

We sprayed the forestock and stock with a textured paint to simulate the wood-grain.

After spraying some capacitors with the bronze hammered paint we hot glued them to the top. Drilling small holes in the top and bottom of the plastic pieces we inserted copper wire as you can see. We also attached copper wire to the capacitors and added a coil around the top one.

Taking a couple plastic gears, we sprayed them too. Inserting an old brass key, through the two gears we carefully hot glued it to the pin from the motor. This allows the key and gears to turn.

Hot gluing the motor assembly to the receiver and adding several other copper parts, we created a pretty interesting assembly. I'd say it looks like an adjustable transducer to the flux capacitor.

Lastly we painted and attached part of a candlestick to the front of the barrel.

Here's the final product, ready for action. We hope you enjoyed the Vostroyan series! 

We'll get back to miniatures soon.

Til then, Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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