Saturday, February 2, 2019

Bolt Action Four Army Battle Report! Polish Inaugural Fight!

Our latest Bolt Action Battle involved 4 armies and the Polish Army's inaugural battle. On this grand Soviet hamlet table our fictitious battle involved the German and Japanese armies confronting the Polish and Soviet forces. The game was to control the four objectives seen as the yellow stars. Each army received 750 points.

This was an early war action which involved plenty of infantry. The armor on the table consisted of a Panzer III for the Germans, a CHi-Ha with the light howitzer and tankette for Japan. The Russians brought a T34 and the Poles fielded an Ursus Armored car and a twin turreted 7TP. The Germans also had an AT Gun and the Polish Army brought a medium howitzer.

All armies had to designate who would be in on the first wave. The only reserves were the Poles who kept a truck and unit of 10 infantry off the table.

As things began, the Polish sniper and 7TP moved in on the left side along with the Soviet mortar team and a couple units of infantry.

On the right side the T34 moved in to oppose the CHi-Ha and tankette. He fired and missed. The Polish transport truck raced in across the center of the board stopping next to the far right objective. He was promptly hit by a slurry of machine gun fire and was knocked out disgorging the 12 infantry inside. 2 men died but the Poles were on the first objective. Two Soviet infantry squads and the Ursus armored car moved in to support them.

On the opposing side of the table the Japanese piled all of their units along with a couple German units against the Polish on the objective. The Germans deployed a unit of infantry to the center and a 6 man squad on their far right.

On turn two the Germans brought the Panzer III on to support the infantry squad on their right flank. It promptly fired at the T34 and missed. The T34 returned the favor by also missing. Snipers all missed and a few pin markers were exchanged on both sides.

On turn 3 the Panzer III was able to fire first, missing again. The T34 did not miss this time scoring a hit, penetrating the armor and destroying the German tank!

With the Panzer gone, the only trouble the T34 could possibly have were the Japanese suicide anti-tank team with lunge mines! The Poles on the objective continued to hold out taking tons of fire. The supporting Soviet infantry was also being whittled down. The Polish army brought in their reserve transport and infantry for additional support on the right, hoping to hold the objective. With the last die pulled being Japanese, the suicide team moved within striking distance of the T34!

Turn 4 started with two dice each for the Germans and the Poles. The Polish units tried but could not kill the Japanese suicide team. The next die fell to the Japanese who lunged at the T34 and destroyed it!! The Ursus advanced in support of the right flank but the Poles on the objective were finally wiped out due to having to many pins! The supporting two Russian infantry units fell too, leaving just two men from one of the squads hunkered down behind the destroyed T34. Only the newly arrived Polish infantry squad remained, close enough to contend the objective.

On turn 5 the Chi-Ha was able to crush the remaining Polish infantry. In doing so, its flank was open to the Polish artillery who scored a hit destroying the Japanese armor. Sadly it was to late to help the deceased infantry on the right flank. The Ursus was able to add pins and kill a few opposing infantry but the center and right were now in the hands of the Axis forces while the left two were unoccupied. At the close of turn 5 the German infantry squad, alone on our far left, made a run for the objective nearest them.

Turn six started with a furious exchange of mortar and MMG fire from both sides. The soviets had a 12 man rifle squad hiding in the farmhouse since turn 1. They dislodged themselves, moved into the swampy area, fired on the Germans heading for the left most objective and killed all but one. The twin turreted 7TP with 10 dice was able to kill the last German on the left flank. This allowed the Polish sniper team to run down the hill and capture the left objective.

With four dice left (1 German, 1 Polish and 2 Russian) the Allies had 1 objective and the Axis 2. The Polish die was pulled and their HQ squad ran across the road to contest the center right objective. The Germans fired on the Russian HQ unit but missed. With the last 2 order dice, the Soviet HQ unit ran to occupy the center left objective and ran the last 2 man infantry squad to contest the far right objective.

There the game ended in a victory for the Allied Team holding two objectives and contesting the other two. It wound up being a very close game where most of the action centered on the right objective till the last turn.

The Polish trucks got the infantry into action right away. Having a 12 man squad kept them in the game, taking fire and attracting a lot of attention, till the end of turn 4. There was a great moment of elation on the Allied side when the T34 stood victorious with very little to threaten it. Then a great moment of elation on the Axis side when a stick mine destroyed the T34!

At the end of a close game, on a great table, the Polish sniper team watches over the left objective as the Soviets emerge from the swamp!

Hope You Have A Great Battle!!