Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trouble At T'Mill - A Wargaming Blog: 100K Prize Draw Day 3

Here's another great blog giving things away! Trouble At T'Mill - a wargaming blog: 100K Prize Draw day 3

5 days of prizes, check it out! Gather up some Normans for your SAGA Warband!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Monday, May 20, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name: Starting a Second Adventuring Company

Well we are on our way to playing In Her Majesty's Name! We have acquired the rulebook and like it very much. So with our Bucharest Brigade well on it's way we decided we'll need an opposing company of agents. We rustled up these guys for a very interesting and themed unit of pirates. They are also from Artizan Designs.

The painting was just recently started, earlier today, but we only have shots of them primed right now.

Here's two options for our team captain. We'll need to think this one through and customize whoever we pick to be more steampunk.

Here's another pirate with a grappling gun for making quick ascents on buildings or passing airships. The background story for these lads is still brewing and the Bucharest Brigade stats is also forthcoming.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Paint The Baron for "In Her Majesty's Name"

Baron Măcelar Intuneric and The Bucharest Brigade
Last post we showed you how we painted the core of our company of adventurers "The Bucharest Brigade" for In Her Majesty's Name. Today we'll show you how we put together and painted their fearless captain, The Baron.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
Using some of the circuitry components shown in the previous post, we built a "Tesla-Phelps Generator" for his lightning gun.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
We then attached a cable to the gun and ran it around to the generator. The barrel needed to be something unique and after trying several options none of them seemed to work. Finally, a tiny screw from another piece of electronics fit the bill.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
Here you see the screw attached to the barrel of the Baron's lightning gun. It makes a great coil for the lightning! OK, he was primed with black and his trousers were painted the same "Soldier Blue" as the rest of the company.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric
Using a warm brown, we painted his gloves, belt and skull cap.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric
His goggles, buttons and part of the gun were painted with "Pure Bronze". The inner lenses of the goggles were painted "Clover Green".

Baron Măcelar Intuneric
The goggles were given highlights of "Kiwi Green". The gun received a coat of "Gunmetal" and then "Copper" accents

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
The wire coils and tubing on his generator were painted "Copper" too.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
Next the Baron's collar was painted "Brick Red". Accents on his gloves and belt also received some red.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
Final highlights of "Tomato Red" were added to the edges of the gloves, belt and collar.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
For flesh we used "Mink Tan" and a dark grey for the mustache and eyebrows. Dark Grey accents were painted on the seams of his coat and on highlight areas.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
His belt buckle was finished off in "Antique Gold" and his gun barrel coils received a light touch of  "Winter Blue". The mustache was highlighted in "Light Grey".

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
The backpack generator received a "Gunmetal Grey" base-coat and the top and bottom of the coil were then painted with "Metallic Aluminium". The energy tank was given a "Pure Bronze" top ad bottom and the center was painted in shades of blue to simulate a glowing center.

Final touches included "Flesh" highlights on his face, trouser shading and a wash to tone down the grey highlights on the coat.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric for In Her Majesty's Name
And there you have Baron, AKA "the Dark One" Of Moldavian descent Baron Măcelar Intuneric hails from the Romanian Kingdom and is Captain of the Bucharest Brigade, otherwise known as the Baron's Brigade. Their opponents call them as the "Immortals" due to their fearless and resilient nature. The Baron is feared as a ruthless leader bent on completing any mission for the glory of the Kingdom! 
Here is a parting shot of the Baron's secret headquarters somewhere in Romania.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"In Her Majesty's Name" Steampunk Adventuring Party Continues

A couple weeks ago we showed you the figures for a Steampunk Adventuring party we were starting for "In Her Majesty's Name". Well as you can see we have progressed a bit since then. Let's start off with the minions for our Baron's Brigade. As we mentioned, we used The Immortal Battalion packs one and two for our troops. So let's show you some of the steps to painting them.

Here we have the base blue on their coats and bronze on the armor and goggles.

Packs, holsters and belt pouches were all based in a medium brown.

Rifle stocks were also based in a medium brown.

Their helmets, boots, gloves and masks were all painted with a dark grey but allowing the black undercoating to show through in areas. The heavy weapons guy was given a yellow ocher touch for his drum magazine bags. Touches of copper were added to some of the weapons too.

The rifle stocks were given a coat of chocolate brown to add richness in color. All remaining straps were given the same warm brown color.

Gun barrels, canteens and buckles all received a coat of gunmetal.

Final touches and washes of burnt umber and black gave them a battle hardened feel.

Now onto modifying our second in command. We settled on these bits from the circuit boards we had dug up along with some old guitar string and a piece of plastic tube.

On the "lieutenant" we added the plastic tube for a larger barrel and drilled a hole for the guitar string.

A piece from our electronics went onto his back, hole drilled in the bottom and guitar string inserted to complete the mod.

Let's move on to painting. He was given the same blue on his coat as the troops. The warm brown was used for his leather skullcap and gloves. Brass and bronze were used for his goggles, buttons and weapon.

His tank and touches of his "eckto canon" were painted with copper.

Lastly his turtleneck was painted with a tan, then warm white and lastly a wash of burnt umber. Flesh was based with "mink tan", highlighted with "Skintone" and also given a brown wash. The wash gave him a nice five-o-clock shadow.

Shading was added to his coat, green in the goggle lenses and the "Ecxto" gauge was painted on the tank.

Their bases still need to be finished and given a theme which is yet to be determined.
So here we have the start of our "In Her Majesty's Name" adventuring party. Moving stealthily through some ruins in Bucharest.

Next post we'll show you the Captain of our team, The Baron! Til then, Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scotland Yard Company for In Her Majesty's Name

In Her Majesty's Name Scotland Yard Company
The most famous police force in the world are the Metropolitan Police based in Scotland Yard, London. In these troubled time their ‘Special Branch’ has a number of companies deployed around the capital to investigate and foil dastardly foreign plots against the city, Parliament and Her Majesty. Occasionally they will enlist the aid of a world famous consulting detective and his able companion, the good doctor.

The Scotland Yard Company now available from North Star Miniatures is made up of a Chief Inspector, a Sergeant, Four Constables and Three Special Branch officers, plus the Detective and Doctor assistant. North Star Military Figures has made these sets based on the the author's army list in the rule book. So this box set, just like the others, gives you a starter army to get playing In Her Majesty's Name. The figures have been sculpted by Mike Owen of Artizan Designs.

In Her Majesty's Name Holmes and Watson
If you want to spice up the group and add a little variety, pick up this Holmes and Watson set for Empire of The Dead put out by West Wind Productions.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

“In another life, Mr Holmes, you would have made an excellent criminal.”
Inspector Le Strade, Scotland Yard 1894.