Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scotland Yard Company for In Her Majesty's Name

In Her Majesty's Name Scotland Yard Company
The most famous police force in the world are the Metropolitan Police based in Scotland Yard, London. In these troubled time their ‘Special Branch’ has a number of companies deployed around the capital to investigate and foil dastardly foreign plots against the city, Parliament and Her Majesty. Occasionally they will enlist the aid of a world famous consulting detective and his able companion, the good doctor.

The Scotland Yard Company now available from North Star Miniatures is made up of a Chief Inspector, a Sergeant, Four Constables and Three Special Branch officers, plus the Detective and Doctor assistant. North Star Military Figures has made these sets based on the the author's army list in the rule book. So this box set, just like the others, gives you a starter army to get playing In Her Majesty's Name. The figures have been sculpted by Mike Owen of Artizan Designs.

In Her Majesty's Name Holmes and Watson
If you want to spice up the group and add a little variety, pick up this Holmes and Watson set for Empire of The Dead put out by West Wind Productions.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

“In another life, Mr Holmes, you would have made an excellent criminal.”
Inspector Le Strade, Scotland Yard 1894.


  1. Having seen these figures in the flesh painted by a few members of the White Group who did the demo at Salute I can say they are just as good as the other four sets.
    The Inspector and Sergeant bear absolutely no resemblance to the leading characters in the BBC's recent production - Ripper St. No resemblance at all I tell you.

    1. Thanks for the info! North Star puts out some nice figures, glad to hear these are up to par. As far as the resemblance goes, I can deal with that.

  2. Our friends at Northstar tell us that they are now working on a sixth company from the IHMN rules. More information shall be made available shortly.

    1. Great to hear, I'm routing for the Wild West Show. Would love to see the steam horses.