Saturday, October 15, 2016

4Ground Polish Rural Dwelling Model Kit, The Eastern Front

4Ground produces great model kits and this Polish Rural Dwelling kit is another grand example. We showed you the Two Story Terrace and Ox Wagon, and now we'll move on to models we're planning on using on the Eastern front!

The kit seen here contains many swell components.

One of the interesting features on this particular kit is the cracked missing daub portions along the lower sections of the walls. The dwellings were built using woven sticks like wattle fences and then covered with a mixture of materials usually made of a combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw.

Here the mud daub pieces are removed and wattle pieces placed inside.

The interior is divided into two spaces. in the main area there is a fireplace made of the hearth and stone back wall.

Two additional layers build the depth and then a face and side plate go over top of them to finish it. A second stone hearth for cooking is added for a final touch.

Doors and windows have a nice blue trim and a variety of shutters are included.

The porch and roof have a nice wood grain finish and blue accents again finish off the roof.

For thatch, fur is included in three pieces. One for each side and a third for the ridge line.

Here they are in place.

Using PVA glue watered down, you can brush it on to give the thatch a more natural appearance. A stone and wood capped chimney adds the final touch.

Here are a few parting shots of this jolly good 4Ground  kit.

We continue to be impressed with the attention to detail 4Ground gives these model kits.

Have a great battle!
The Old Crow

Monday, August 22, 2016

WW2 D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio!

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio
The largest  D-Day (1944) living history reenactment in the country takes place in Conneaut Ohio. Featuring over 1,500 reenactors from across the US and Canada perform a living tribute to the veterans of WWII through dress, mock battles, and living history displays. We had the opportunity to be there this year!

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio
There were many demonstrations over the weekend and the mock battles were superb, especially the beach landing!

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, British
Encampments for Allied and Axis forces were filled with relics the reenactors brought to display.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio Germans
And loved showing how these weapons were used in the day.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, Germans
You could meet the real men and women that lived through those times too. Last year the Conneaut D-Day hosted over 150 WWII veterans.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio
Reenacting the capture of the bridge at La Fiére, the Americans gained control of the key crossing of the Merderet River.

Here German light armor advances on the bridge.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio
And is incapacitated as it nears.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio
After the battle, a column of German soldiers head back to camp.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, German 88
There were several "Big Guns" including the feared German 88

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, STUG
and several armored vehicles including a Panzer III, Stug (seen here), M4 and an M4A1.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, M5 Stuart
Also three variants of the M5 Stuart.
D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio,
Georgie's Gal, a B-25 Mitchell, twin-engined medium bomber manufactured by North American Aviation took part this year. It made several passes over the beach on bombing runs. 

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio,
The B-25 was used by many Allied air forces, in every theater of World War II, although the majority of B-25s in American service were used in the Pacific. The B-25 was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, Polish
The Polish contingent brought an artillery piece..

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, Polish
jeep to deploy it...

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, Commonwealth
and a nice sampling of arms.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, US Army M3 Half-Track
The US camp held many jeeps, trucks, motorcycles and this M3 Half-track.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, US Army M3 Half-Track
There were a couple more participating in the actual landing. One hauling a howitzer.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, German Armor
The German encampment contained its share of armored cars,

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, German Vehicles
transport vehicles of every size...

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, German Vehicles
and many motocycles.

D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, German Vehicles
Watch the D-Day Cooneaut site for next years event!!
D-Day Reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, US Pressman
You can see additional images from this year on 

Have A Great Battle!!
The Old Crow

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wasteland Terrain & Russian T34/85 Medium Tanks from Warlord Games

Terrain and T34 Tanks
Lately we completed a new batch of custom Wasteland Terrain and worked with David Dinsmore to begin production on some Warlord Games armor. All of these are now listed on Ebay for any who are interested. Look for Battleground-Hobbies on Ebay.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
Each Terrain piece has a hard base made of MDF board and the top is carved polystyrene insulation board. We showed how these are built on a previous blog post.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
Now about the T-34 series, with its sloping armor that changed the principles of tank design during the war. The sloping, angular layout of the T-34 increased the effective armor thickness, and also saw a larger proportion of shells deflected away than penetrated its armor.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
The introduction of the T-34 into action saw German tank design follow suit with similarly angled armor on the likes of the Panther and King Tiger. As German tank design came to the fore, the Soviet war machine once again raised the bar with the T-34/85.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
The T-34/85, the very symbol of Soviet military strength in the Second World War, had a new turret to house the more powerful 85mm ZiS gun. A supremely rugged and reliable tank, the T-34/85 had excellent off-road capability, especially in the marshland or snow of the Eastern Front, and was easy for the crew to operate and maintain.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
The T-34/85's great strength lay in its adaptation of the T-34/76 tank design which preceded it. This ensured a far smoother and faster production line than would have been the case with a completely new design.

Terrain and T34 Tanks
Another major advantage was the sheer number of tanks the Soviet tank factories could produce - by the summer of 1944 the Soviet war machine could produce more T-34/85s in a month than the Germans had Panther tanks in the whole of the Eastern Front!

Terrain and T34 Tanks
With over 21,000 of the 57,000 T-34s built during WWII being T-34/85s, the Russian credo was clearly one of quantity over quality, although it was an unwise Panzer commander who discounted the ability of the T-34/85.

Terrain and Sherman Tank
Now that our history lesson is over, you can see the job David did in painting these Russian Tanks! Here is another he completed, a US Sherman, also ready for sale.

Terrain and Sherman Tank
We'll have a batch of German Armor very soon. Panther IVs, Stugs and a Hetzer are all on the way. If you have a request for a specific piece of armor you'd like painted, please let us know!

Terrain and Sherman Tank
Have A Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

M3A1 Half Track & M5 Stuart From The Black Bull Division for Bolt Action

Here's a couple additions to our 11th Armoured Division, The Black Bull!!

This M5 Stuart represents a supporting Armoured Recce Regiment to our 23rd Hussars Regiment.

He's part of the 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry. The British referred to the M5 as the MVI

The model is from Rubicon and is a swell little kit.

With options for this British MVI Kangaroo recce version with the turret removed and a single 50 cal machine gun added.

This M3A1 Half Track is another support unit from the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars. These guys have been slogging through the mud, the Black Bull is barely visible on the front fender.

They were dispatched to France to serve with the divisional reconnaissance regiment of the 11th Armoured Division after DDay.

Hope to have additional models to post soon!

Have A Great Battle,
The Old Crow