Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Release: Japanese Samurai Buildings From Sarissa Precision

Always on the lookout for new models and terrain and Sarissa Precision fits the bill with their new Japanese Samurai Terrain. The buildings are made of laser cut 2mm MDF with laser etched details. This Samurai house is a marvelous centerpiece for any gaming table.

These models can cover gaming periods ranging from the Pike & Shotte era through World War II. This Shop/Townhouse is another great building. The Samurai House will run you 72.00 US dollars and the Townhouse 28.00.

If you are looking to use the Warlod Games Pike & Shotte rules, Tim Greene, who is a keen historical gamer and prolific rules writer, has penned a new army list for the Pike & Shotte rules allowing you to field Japanese Samurai armies. You can get the PDF here.

While the Temple/Shrine above costs 32.00 and this Village House would only cost 20.00.

There is also a Wall Gate, wall sections and wall corners available. These would let you create an entire compound or estate.

You can check the Warlord Games site for all the models and costs.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Release: Rune Lord Adventurers From Crusader Miniatures

Mark Sims of Crusader Miniatures has added 4 new Adventurers to his Fantasy range. The four figures, Rune Lords, come in a single pack with the Adventurers III title.

You can get them directly from Crusader or from a supplier. These figures would fit the bill for any fantasy adventuring party.

Mark has created a great range of historical figures as well as a few fantasy and other genres.

Crusader Miniatures are 28mm-sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. The miniatures shown here were all painted by Paul Cubbin.

Have A Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Have We Been Doing: Steampunk Gameroom

Way back in November we showed a wargame table restoration and mentioned needing a room to put it in. So here it is, our Steampunk Gameroom! This is one of the reasons we haven't had any posts the last few months. Took a bit of time to get this done.

Lot's of places for wargaming accents...

Plenty of space to add lots of reference books about armies....

And the best thing of all is the wargaming table! If you want to see the step by step renovation, check out the post on the Hendersonworks blog

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow