Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey and Unexpected Game?

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey is less than a month away and fans are eager to see what Peter Jackson can cook up to make an entire trilogy. Much speculation has been discussed on forums and blogs all across the internet.

Also in the pot is the fact that Games Workshop once again has hold of another money making opportunity. If you've been paying attention at all, you'll know in August there was an "accidental" release of miniatures they'll be producing. The release date of the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game? You can expect it to be announced soon in the next issue of the White Dwarf on November 24th.

The exhaustive list of figures made it's way about the internet and raised more speculation on what might be in the movie. We know Games Workshop took liberties with the Lord of The Rings trilogy movies and could expect the same for the Hobbit.

Mithril Miniatures, a subsidiary of Prince August has been making Hobbit and Lord of The Rings figures since the 1980's. A couple samples are Cirdan the Shipwright and a vignette of Bilbo Surrendering the One Ring.

Models from Mithril are produced in 32mm and 54mm scales. Games Workshop Lord of The Rings line was produced in 25mm and we'd assume the Hobbit figures will be too.

If you have not seen the list of Games Workshop Hobbit miniatures, we've included them here by catagory.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

Dwarves: Dáin Ironfoot & Iron Hill Boar Riders
Dwarves: Kili & Fili & Longbeard Archers
Dwarves: Bombur with Kettle
Dwarves: Dáin & Iron Hill Berserkers
Dwarves: King Thráin & Longbeard Vanguard
Dwarves: Young Thorin & Longbeard Mattockguard
Dwarves: King Thrór
Dwarves: Dís, Mother of Kili and Fili
Dwarves: Gimli (Stubble)
Dwarves: Samwise Gamgee (Red Book)
Dwarves: Dragon Mithril Company of Dwarves
Dwarves: Drogo Baggins & The Tavern Maid

Men of Esgaroth: Bard & Greystreak Bowmen
Men of Esgaroth: Bain & Quickstrings Gang/Trout Guild Militia
Men of Esgaroth: King Girion
Men of Esgaroth: Fram the Watchman
Men of Esgaroth: The Master of Lake-Town
Men of Esgaroth: Alfrid & Loyal Town Guard
Men of Esgaroth: Garf & Footsoldiers of the Dale

Silvan Elves: Legolas & Mirkwood Fire Archers
Silvan Elves: King Thranduil (Battle Garb)
Silvan Elves: Tauriel (Mounted)
Silvan Elves: Castellan Amroth
Silvan Elves: Mirkwood Warhost

Beornings: Meneldor & Swiftbeak Flock
Beornings: Gorm & Woodmen Axethrowers/Skin-Changers
Beornings: Whisperbark/Gnarlfir
Beornings: Black Bear Pack
Beornings: Woodmen Healer
Beornings: Fair Daughter
Beornings: Enraged Beorn
Beornings: Grimbeorn (Greataxe)

White Council: Mounted Rivendell Nobles
White Council: Lindir the Harper
White Council: Radagast with Roäc & Swoop
White Council: Galadriel (Water Steed)
White Council: The War Council
White Council: Arwen & Estel
White Council: Galadriel (Barrel)
White Council: Galadriel & Lórien Drumhooves
White Council: Chief Aravir & Dúnedain Rangers
White Council: Dúnedain Runecaster
White Council: Elrond & Rivendell Spearguard
White Council: Elros & Rivendell Outriders
White Council: Radagast's Chariot/Spellfire Cart
White Council: Cirdan the Shipwright

Mountain Orcs: Azog & Orc Needlers
Mountain Orcs: Azog (Wounded)
Mountain Orcs: Bolg & Great Goblin Bodyguard
Mountain Orcs: Armoured Hill-Trolls/Frenzied Trolls
Mountain Orcs: Orc Stone Thrower

Grey Mountain Dragons: Fire-wyrms
Grey Mountain Dragons: Braga & Goldscale Worshippers
Grey Mountain Dragons: Venomblade Assassin
Grey Mountain Dragons: Goldscale Priest
Grey Mountain Dragons: Bofur on Cold-Drake
Grey Mountain Dragons: Dragon Thrall
Grey Mountain Dragons: Money Bags & Hired Knives
Grey Mountain Dragons: Fell Hatchlings

Dol Guldur: Leaping Spiders/Shiverfang Spiders
Dol Guldur: Spiderlings
Dol Guldur: The Necromancer/Flesh Avatar
Dol Guldur: Narzug & Orc Summoner Coven
Dol Guldur: Tomb Wights
Dol Guldur: Mounted Tomb Wights
Dol Guldur: Bloodwraiths
Dol Guldur: Gwethil
Dol Guldur: The Willowhags
Dol Guldur: Saruman & The Ringwraiths
Dol Guldur: Vampire Bat Swarms

Adventure: Gandalf's Quest
Adventure: The Battle at the East Gate
Adventure: Assault on the Aerie
Adventure: The Clearing of Foul Roots
Adventure: Assault on the Barrows
Adventure: Clash of the Beasts
Adventure: Raid on the Wizard Hut
Adventure: The Last Stand
Adventure: The Belltower
Adventure: A Thief in the Night
Adventure: The Fall of Dale
Adventure: The Raven Hill
Adventure: Thorin's Folly
Adventure: The Battle of Five Armies
Adventure: Breaking the Siege
Adventure: Revenge of the Goblin King
Adventure: Blacksoil Slope
Adventure: The Clouds Burst
Adventure: The Ritual
Adventure: The Final Onslaught
Adventure: The Haunted Tombs
Adventure: Gollum's Escape
Adventure: The Blight Breach

Wargs: Feral Wolf Pack
Wargs: The Werebeast
Wargs: Orc Chieftain on Warg
Wargs: Orc Wolfbone Shaman
Wargs: Lagdush & Orc Wolfcloak Warrior
Wargs: Narzug & Orc Warg-Riders
Wargs: Dol Guldur Orc Overlords
Wargs: Grinnah & Mirkwood Werewolves
Wargs: Dire Warg

Smaug the Golden
Gandalf (Dual Sword)

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