Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Release: 1650 A Cloak and Sword by Tercio Creativo

Tercio Creativo is the project of old fans in Spain who are now a bit more "skilled" and trying to make it in miniatures and strategic games worldwide. They have been developing their own historic miniature line in which they're hoping to bring to life the atmosphere of their own skirmish game. The miniatures or "Pawns" are 35mm scale to allow for good detail and paintability. And as you'll see below, the are packed with details and can be exquisitely painted.

1650 Cloak and Sword is a miniature and card based skirmish system. The two factions currently released are the Old Regime or the New Order. They have just come out with some additional mercenaries you can hire too. Besides a faction band, you'll need 4 ten sided dice, a tape measure (in centimeters), 2 packs of skill cards (which can be downloaded for free) and a playing area of 120 centimeters (approx 4 feet).

You can download background material to enhance the gaming and create new scenarios, called "Commissions". Commissions can be in day or night. If at night, sight is limited and lanterns can be placed to illuminate areas on the plying surface. Two Commissions available are "Brawl" and "Rescue".

To start you get "Maravedies" in which to hire a band. Every piece has a cost you must pay to hire the character. A Basic 1650 band normally costs 250 Maravedies, although you can hire bands up to 500.

Each character's contract card shows it's Pay (cost in Maravedies), Incentive, Audacity, Defense, Vigor, Weapons Attributes and Peculiarities.

If you'd like to try 1650, the rules, skill cards and faction cards can all be downloaded for free.

Now lets introduce you to some of the personalities and pawn types you'll be able to use in building your team.

The "Alguacil" is one of the Leaders of the "Antiguo Regimen"´s faction and the high command of the "Guardia de Ysbilia". When this gentleman takes the control over the "rounds" of the town, discipline and fear, much needed in these dire times, spread throughout the city. The "Alguacil" directs the different corps of the "Guardia de Ysbilia" from the "Torre Áurea" and he descends from it to command his men personally when the battle rages in the streets.

Verdugo, the old convict is now one of the members of the Guardia de Ysbilia squad, though one who hides his face in order to avoid reprisals from the families of those who were executed by him in all these years of loyal service.

The elite of the Guardia de Ysbilia is composed by veteran Guardias. Former soldiers and swordsmen who joined the Guardia de Ysbilia long time ago and keep their loyalty to the old regime. Veteran member of the Guardia de Ysbilia, the Guardia is a very tough duelist thanks to this, he has can afford armor and a shield, which let him ignore the most bladed weapons attacks.

The Guarnicioneros are those members of the Guardia de Ysbilia dedicated almost entirely to the custody of palaces and public buildings. Still, do not averse to a good brawl where exercise their muscles. 

As a Convicto of a violent crime, there are only two ways to get out of your cell: Carried out boots first, or as cannon fodder for the Guard of Ysbilia. You choose. 

The "Oficial" is one of the Leaders of the "Nuevo Orden"´s faction and the high command of the "Morados Viejos". Tercio's veteran and skilled swordsman, he's one of the most dangerous laborers between those who are in San Georgio's castle.

As nobody is born knowing everything, it's logic to think that even between the Tercio's veterans there are noobs. 

As experienced as the Recio, and perhaps even more proud, the Curtido cupplies his lower push with more versatility thanks to the management of his two weapons. With them, this pawn lags the Oficial in terms of threat. 

Here is the Zurriago, musketeer of the Old Purples, and one of the most dangerous pawns in Ysbilia... from the distance. 

Nicolas Lopez, mercenary and amateur inventor. Not one of the better fighters out there. Not even one of the better shooters, but who cares? "With his wasps' nest, surely I will get one or two good shots, no matter who is aiming to have.

Mercenary Le Garou It is said he was raised by wolves. Or maybe even devil himself. Anyone who would have found him in the mountains, would have swore that. But now, when I he's hunting the Gauls... "It isn't so clear."

Mercenary Guillermo-Flamberga

Irene Vioque

Padre Calixto

The Curtido

and you don't want to meet El Embajador in a dark alley!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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