Monday, July 23, 2012

Gripping Beast Plastics Viking Hirdmen for SAGA - FINISHED!

We had started with a review back in June on the Gripping Beast Plastics box set of Viking Hirdmen and promised photos of the finished figures. Here they are, ready to raid the coastal villages!

Well final touches were added to the four Viking Hirdmen who will become a point of Hearthguard for our SAGA Viking Warband.

Shields were completed with hand painted icons and basing was done with a mixture of blended turf, medium grey ballast and Italian spices! Small rocks were added for a bit of realism.

Here's Olaf One Eye, with his red dragon emblem

Bolverk longs for the sea, thus the viking ship on his shield, and wields axes.

Sigvaldi carries his hatchet and throwing spears. He has the crow on his shield

and last, Halldor carries Thor's Hammer on his shield!

If you're interested, we uploaded several different views of each figure on flickr. Let me know if you like that or would prefer to see them all in the blog post.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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