Friday, July 13, 2012

New! Napoleonic Russian Artillery from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has just released some new ordnance for your green-jacketed Russian musketeers! The latest addition to the Napoleonic Russian range are three fine artillery pieces. The 6, 10 and 12 pounders!!

Each of the three guns has options for crew firing or in the process of running the gun back. In addition each set utilises Warlords Figure Head System, so you can swap or reposition the heads as you see fit. The heads supplied are either artillery shakos or forage caps.

The sets contains 1 Metal gun, 4 crew and retails for approximately 24.00 USD.

The 6-pounder became the standard gun for light artillery batteries from 1805, and was used to deadly effect by their very capable crews.

Stout and resolute, the gunners would fight ferociously if their precious guns were threatened.

The 10-pounder Licorne (or Unicorn in English) was a different breed of gun to its French howitzer counterpart. It was a uniquely Russian design, being a hybrid howitzer with a long barrel and chambering that allowed a flatter trajectory and improved range and accuracy.

They came as quite a nasty surprise for Napoleon’s veterans.

The 12-Pounder was the standard heavy artillery gun in the later Russian Napoleonic army.

Russian guns were treated with as much reverence as the French viewed their eagles, and were manned by well trained and motivated men.

So add these swell new artillery pieces, grab some additional Russian Line Infantry to bolster your Napoleonic army or if the battle goes badly, pick up these excellent "Ivanna Go Home" Casualties!

Don't forget to have a great battle!
The Old Crow

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