Friday, July 20, 2012

Copplestone Castings releases the Mark IX Beast!

For those who are not familiar with Copplestone Castings, they have a range of scale vehicles that may make your mouth water. Their WWI and Interwar vehicles have a great feel to them and the new Mark IX is truly a Beast!

Two of my favorite vehicles from Copplestone are the K56 Putilov Half-Track Armoured Car which easily can work as an Ork Wartrakk or Battlewagon if you don't play any WWI games!

And the K51 Vickers Independent Heavy Tank, a 5-turreted British prototype tank of the interwar years. This is a 1/55th scale lightweight resin kit with white metal gun barrels etc.that can be easily converted to use in any pulp action game or even Warhammer 40

But now, onto the Mark IX Beast! A super-heavy Interwar-style tank. This resin kit is a massive 187mm/7.5in long, 73mm/3in wide and 58mm/2.5 high. The 28mm figure in the picture shows what a monster the Mark IX Beast is.
The Beast has an Accessory Set which contains all the bits you need to add more character to your straight-from-the-factory tank: two alternative sponson gun barrels, five pieces of baggage, two cable drums, two petrol cans, six ammo boxes, one long unditching beam, and a short unditching beam with two support brackets.

Now just imagine the Mark IX Beast in your Pulp Action Adventure advancing with a platoon from the Immortal Battalion, and have a great battle!
The Old Crow


  1. That Mark IX is actually a Mark VII Liberty

    1. Thanks for catching that!! We'll have to let Copplestone Castings know.