Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Viking Hirdmen from Gripping Beast Plastics - Review Part 2

Late last year we did a review on the Grpping Beast Plastics Saxon Thegns and neglected to follow up with the Viking Hirdmen! This is another great set which is very economical. As in the Saxon Thegns box, you get 44 Viking Hirdmen figures, warriors of Odin, and the components for a  variety of weapons including the fearsome 2 handed Dane Axe.  You also get parts to turn up to two of your warriors into Viking Lords and two into horn-blowers.

Each of the four sprues is packed with various arms and hands with everything from swords to axes to spears. There are plenty of extras including heads to keep the variety going. A great component is the shield with spears or javelins. This is fantastic for having your hirdmen ready to hurl additional implements of destruction!

The command sprue, as mentioned above, contains parts for making a Viking Warlord and horn-blower to lead your warband.

We would have liked to see a standard on the sprue too, but with the number of extras provided you can easily create a standard bearer.

If you're interested in getting into the Viking Age skirmish game SAGA, this box set would allow you to easily build an entire warband.

There was very little flashing on the sprues so not much time was needed cleaning the figures. We completed a dozen figures in about two hours. Eight are armed with spears which can make a point of warriors for your SAGA Warband...

(Lots of extras added to these viking warriors!)

...and these four axe wielding  warriors of Odin will be used as a point of hearthguard for the same warband. That would be half of your 4 point starter warband built in a short period of time! We'll get them painted and post the final products soon!

If you're trying to decide what to buy next, we'd recommend this fine box set. You can't beat the value, for approximately $32-36.00 dollars in the states, you are paying less than one dollar per figure!

As always, have a great battle
The Old Crow


  1. Some very nice terrain projects and how-to's on your blog sir! Well Done!!


    1. Thanks Frank!!
      I always love feedback and I like the cork wall building guide you posted! I'd recommend it to any hobby enthusiast! It can be viewed here:

      I need to try it myself sometime soon!