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Warhammer 40k Aerial Assault - Space Marines Stormtalon Gunship vs Ork Dakkajet

Ultramarines Stormtalon Gunship
June saw the Gamesworkshop release of The Stormtalon Gunship and Ork Dakkajet (and other variations) for battling in the skies over the Warhammer 40k battlefield.

 My first thought was of the Stormtalon was of the old Unreal Tournament 2004 Raptor. No matter, it's still a sweet vehicle for your Space Marines to take the fight to the enemy!It is a very versatile vehicle which you can use as an interceptor or ground-attack craft.

 As for its stats, a nice BS of 4 should help in targeting and an armor factor of 11 all around should keep it flying long enough to toast your enemies either in the air or on the ground.

Ultramarines Stormtalon Gunship
What can you use to obliterate those pesky Tyranid swarms? The Stormtalon can be equipped with a vast array of weapons including a twin-linked heavy bolter, a twin-linked assault cannon, a twin-linked lascannon, a typhoon missile launcher or a skyhammer missile launcher.

Ultramarines Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhamer Missile Launcher
This Ultramarine's Stormtalon carries the skyhammer missile launcher which fires a volley of missiles at their targets and are ideal tank-killers!

White Scars Stormtalon Gunship
Here's a White Scars Stormtalon with twin-linked lascannon and a twin-linked assault cannon

Salamanders Stormtalon Gunship
The Salamanders variant with twin-linked heavy bolters

The multi-part plastic boxed set contains these 90 components and includes a clear plastic canopy, transfers and base.

The kit will set you back 45.50 USD retail.

Now onto the Ork Dakkajet!

Ork Bommers
The Ork Aircraft have always been suspect, but recent invenshuns from ork flyboyz and mad meks have brought them the Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer.

With this kit, you'll get tons of weaponry including a Grot Gunner and options like a big shoota, boom bombs, burna bombs, skorcha rokkits and supa shootas - everything budding flyboyz need to create big explosions!

Dakkajet in Goff colors
The Dakkajet would be the blur of color roaring across the sky with guns blazing! Dakkajet flyboyz believe firmly in quantity over quality, and bolt as many big shootas as possible to their aircraft. Even with a BS of 2, some of those bullets are bound to hit the target.

Dakkajet in Goff colors
The Dakka jet is perfect for straffing runs at those skinny run about Eldar!

Bad Moon's Burna-Bommer
Other flyboyz prefer fire, so attaching canisters of volatile promethium to the underside of an Ork Bommer gives you the Burna-bommer!

Bad Moon's Burna-Bommer
Armed with burna bombs and skorcha rokkits, the Burna-Bommer performs its attack runs at low altitudes and leaves a large fireball, hopefully behind.

Bad Moon's Burna-Bommer - grot canopy
The grot turret might keep the Stormtalon at bay for a moment.... ok, just a moment.

Evil Sunz Blitza-Bommer
The craziest orky invenshun is the almost suicidal Blitza-Bommer! These boyz 'aim' their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible and hopefully not forget to pull out of their dive and end up smashing into the intended target too!

Evil Sunz Blitza-Bommer - grot gunner
Those dives tend to panic the onboard Grot Gunner.

Ork Bommer Sprue
The plastic boxed set contains 114 components also including a clear plastic canopy with which to build either a Dakkajet, a highly flammable Burna-Bommer or a break neck Blitza-Bommer

Ork Bommer Sprue
The kit will also run you $45.50 USD but you do get plenty of options and lots of leftovers for other projects.

Ork Bommer Sprue
No matter what you choose you'l have some phenomenal air support for your intended army!  For complete rules and Codex updates on these fine aircraft, pick up the June issue of White Dwarf!

Have a Great Battle,
he Old Crow

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