Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reaper Miniatures Kobold Raiders

Many moons ago I painted these Reaper Kobolds to be used as duelists in an old Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War Army. Duelists could skirmish in front of your army and help screen "expensive" units from taking early shots from arrows or handguns. As they skirmish, they are harder to hit with ranged weapons!

Here are the lot of raiders, using the jungle as cover to advance on their target! You can still get these guys from Reaper Miniatures, here they are! Thanks to the Reaper Bone Yard, you can buy them individually too.

This is the Kobold with spear and Kobold with sword and shield

This is the front and back of the above Kobold with sword and shield

Another front and back, this time of the Kobold with sword and raised shield

Front and back of the Kobold with sword and and spear
This big guy is the Kobold with Two Handed Axe. Here he is, front and back and also with a weapon swap on the second one. Added a spear in case I ever wanted to add a standard.
We did some experimenting with lighting and jungle terrain...

One of my favorites....

another nice shot of the raiders advancing...

ahhh well, hope you liked these oldies but goodies!

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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