Saturday, December 24, 2011

SAGA - Saxon Thegns and Viking Hirdman from Gripping Beast Plastics

Well the Plastic Box sets of Saxon Thegns and Viking Hirdmen arrived and there was great joy! I was really looking forward to seeing these guys up close and personal. They did not disappoint me. There are enough components to make 44 figures from each set plus a ton of extra arms, weapons and heads to do a deal of customizing.

Let's break open the Saxon Thegns Box set which I'll probably be using for an Anglo-Danish Warband to play Saga.
Here's the box with its beautiful artwork and all.
There are four of the main sprue in the box. Here's the front..
and the back. As you can see, lots of extras for customizing.
Then there are two command sprues with pieces for a standard bearer and musician if you need them. SAGA currently doesn't make use of these guys but that won't stop me from putting them together!
Then the bases, in assorted sizes for building regiments.
 Next we took a couple hours to assemble ten of these guys. Here's a few shots of the various poses we came up with.
 The only trouble was in attaching a few of the arms, the belt on the torso pushed it out. A simple trim made everything go together great.
The command group came together nicely. As you can see, plenty of detail was applied to these miniatures. I fully recommend them based on cost, detail and quality.

Stay tuned for the next post, we'll get a few painted to show you how they look on the battleground!

Til then, Have a great battle
The Old Crow


  1. I would say you could also use these for warhammer fantasy to an extent... a side faction of one of the human races.

  2. Thanks for the input Sam. Would work for Norse Marauders in a Dogs of War army, however the scale is a bit small. I'll have to post a size comparison of the two.