Friday, December 9, 2011

Warhammer 40k - Space Marine Dreadnought

Here we go, back to Warhammer 40k! Let's base a Space Marine Dreadnought!

Josh over at Hendersonworks painted up this lovely Games Workshop Dreadnought for his Space Marines force and we customized a base for him.

Josh went with a gritty city fight feel for his Dreadnought. Lot's of battle damage and weathering,  including a good bit of mud on the lower extremities.

We started with some leftover plastic sprue. Two pieces were cut at approximately 3/4 to one inch. Using a hobby knife  we chipped them up and sharpened the one end to simulate metal beams being used as a makeshift defense.
We also chopped some smaller pieces to simulate cement blocks with our smaller chunks of rubble "rubble". A hole was drilled into each for our barbed wire. For this we used picture hanging wire. Add a couple pebbles and rocks to the base and we're ready to paint.

Priming everything in black is par for the course.

We then added a healthy dose of Burnt Umber in the recessed areas for a "muddy" base coat. Successive coats of medium and light brown were added to the rubble in the lower muddy areas.

The next areas were the concrete rubble. We added successive coats of grays from dark to light similar to the troll bases we showed you back in November.

For the beams and wire, they too was based in black. Dark gray was dry brushed over them both and then gunmetal a dark metallic was added. A final dry brush of aluminium gave it a final high light. We couldn't leave it all shiny so a wash of black was added over both. After it was thoroughly dried a wash of red oxide was added in the lower curls of the wire and where the wire meets the beams, to simulate rust. The one smooth rock in the back was painted in brown tones for a splash of color.

Last but not least, add one nicely detailed Dreadnought!

There are a few more images on the Hendersonworks Blog.

Get that baby in the game, and have a great battle!
The Old Crow

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  1. Hope you don't mind if I steal that idea! Awesome work!