Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Joy of Bits

Well I thought there would be time in July to continue the flurry of miniature modelling fun. Life events and work projects keep interfering with modelling. We had started this band of Space Marines to go with the Dreadnoughts from the last couple posts but have not had time to get back to them. I don't think things will let up much until late in October but I am determined to keep everybody updated on anything that gets done.

Anyway, on to modelling mayhem.

The Joy of Bits. As you have probably seen from posts here on Battleground Hobbies, we love to recycle and use bits n pieces of anything and everything. Old computers and printers provide a never ending array of phenomenal pieces parts. Model bits are no exception to this rule. Recent acquisitions for the current projects have brought a plethora of Warhammer 40k bits into our hands!

A local shop in the Pittsburgh area allows hobbyists to unload old armies and bits for store credit and then resells them in their Bits Bin.

You can find single figures, parts, whole squads and even armored vehicles! In the batch we picked up, there are Necron, Space Marine, Tau and Imperial Guard bits.
(Have I mentioned how I hate when Blogger rotates my photos?)

These will all be put to good use as we continue to build our battle weary "Lost Legion" units. These are the first Space Marines to begin the process and some of those grand bits.

So how do you store your bits? Leave them on the sprue? Or do you categorize them in boxes? This is one of the several organizers filled with bits and pieces, mostly recycled parts.

Yes there are bits in organizers too. And if you doubt, we have plenty of sprues in boxes too.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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