Sunday, July 6, 2014

Warhammer 40k Dreadnought Conversion - Part 2

OK the first Warhammer Dreadnought conversion went well so onto Part 2! As mentioned previously, the two dreadnoughts were picked up from eBay and cost less than one new one. So cutting them up wasn't a problem. In our scenario of the lost legion, these guys are stranded and have to repair and replace things with whatever they can. This guy had a duel Lascannon for it's right arm and we cut it up to look like it took a direct hit or exploded from overuse.

We had a random spare gun in our parts bin and a piece of plastic tubing to beef up the barrel. The existing barrel was trimmed and shaved to receive the new one. For theme sake we figured it was a local area turret mounted cannon that was scavenged and made to fit the Dreadnought.

It was attached to the outside of the arm in a manner to look integrated on the fly. A spare computer part was added as a gravity feed ammo clip.

Extra armor plating was added and was intentionally rough cut to go with our theme. Some traditional stowage and more futuristic looking parts were placed on the top between the shoulders.

This was the circuit board from a network switch and we felt the indicator lights looked like missile pods. Four of the pairs were cut off the board and glued together. A second part will be added as the "mounting" bracket

Additional components were added as communication equipment, a rear mounted cooling system was attached...

and the assembly was mounted on the left arm.

Here you can see the "cooling system" and the lower part is a mounting-reloading arm attachment we created from additional spare computer parts.

Extra armor plates were attached to the left torso and right lower leg and we primed him with the same Italian Olive as the first Dreadnought.

Now he's ready for painting too!

Here's a great view of the rear mounting of the missile pod.

And there you have it, next we'll get to some troops and possibly a transport or two.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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