Friday, August 29, 2014

World War 2 History in North Carolina

Back from a jaunt in the southern USA states and had a few interesting stops. One of them was in the mountains of North Carolina where we visited the Museum of Ashe County History.

Located in the original 1904 county courthouse, the museum has been restoring the building piece by piece and adding displays as they continue to grow. Today, In light of our recent Bolt Action posts, we will focus on the World War 2 Veterans Honor Room.

Immediately upon entering the room you'll notice a large display with various uniforms and larger
artifacts like the mail carriers bike used in Nuthampstead, England..

and the Bomber Crew "Mickey Mouse" Flak Helmet.

The Rifle Case from left to right, one is an 1898 Krag Jorgensen whish was issued to some home guard units. Number two is a 1917 Enfield used for training, home guard, Alaska Territorial Guard and Lend Lease to allies.The third rifle is the 1903 Springfield left over from WWI but also still servicable. Four is the M03A3 Transitional 5 shot bolt action. A modernized version of the 1903 was preferred in the Marines over the M1 because of its accuracy. Five is the iconic M1 Garand 8 shot semi-automatic and Six is the M1 Carbine 15 or 30 shot semi automatic

Other display cases contain a plethora of artifacts and memorabilia...

along with photos of the local veterans who served and contributed to the display.

For more details, visit their site at or visit!!

The Museum of Ashe County History, Inc. 301 East Main Street, Jefferson, NC 28640
Phone: 336-846-1904 or email:

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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