Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Release: Dark Age Warriors from Gripping Beast Plastics

Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors
Gripping Beast has put out another Dark Age plastic box set of warriors perfect for your SAGA warband. These Dark Age Warriors may be used to represent almost any unarmored European warrior from the Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval period. This will be a splendid addition to the Saxon Thegns and Viking Hirdmen already available.

Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors
They might be found in the Auxillary of Justinian's Byzantines, in the Goth hordes that fought across Europe in the twilight years of the Roman Empire, lining the Shieldwall at The Battle Of Hastings, supporting the Thegns of Alfred The Great or the Hirdmen of his Viking enemies, or even raiding unsuspecting villages and monasteries throughout this period.

Gripping Beast Plastics Dark Age Warriors
In this Gripping Beast Plastics box set you'll find parts to assemble 40, that's right, 40 finely-detailed Dark Age Warriors. Each Warrior can be armed with a spear but for extra flexibility, the set also contains additional parts for you to make up to 8 of these warriors with swords and 8 with hand axes. If  you prefer pelting your enemies from afar, up to 32 can be outfitted with slings or up to 16 with javelins.

Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors Sprue
The figures are flexible enough to add to most any SAGA warband. There are also parts to create horn-blowers and as always, plastic bases for all the figures.

With all these figures, we're sure you'll have a great battle!

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