Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vostroyan Steampunk Raygun Holster and Sword

We had an old cavalry cutlass hanging around and decided it needed an upgrade. It was plain metal with a black scabbard with plain metal accents. The whole thing was a bit tarnished so we masked off the grip and blade along with the black on the scabbard.

Using the Rustoleum brand Hammered Metal spray paint we coated the guard and scabbard accents.

To cover the black part of the scabbard we cut a piece of suede, wrapped it around the scabbard and hot glued it together. This was done in three pieces.

We added the same leather cording from the handle of the raygun to the grip of the sword.

The holster form was made from a thinner cardboard and once again we wrapped it in suede and hot glued it together.

For the front accent we kept a seam and cut several holes on either side. We intended to lace it with the leather cording but had a few issues so used a cloth strap instead.

Using a magnetic snap closure we cut off an old backpack, we created an attachment for the gun belt.

Once closed, the magnet is strong enough to hold the holster and gun in place.

This was an inexpensive project. Other than the hammered metal paint, the only thing we needed to buy was the suede. For a 1.99 we found a large suede skirt at a second hand shop and cut it up to use on these projects.

Now onto building the power claw! Stay tuned for future posts on that one!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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