Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boys and Men, War-games then and now

I stopped by a friends house to help with a project and discovered this fine set up on the coffee table. Everything was there. The fortifications, infantry, mobile artillery, armored vehicles and even air power. His grandson had been over the night before and was going at it.

Then I wondered if he'd wind up playing war-games like the rest of us do. Painstakingly building and painting soldiers for an army. What will he choose? Historical dark age vikings for SAGA, Winged Lancers for Pike & Shotte, British Paratroopers for Bolt Action? Maybe he'll traverse to fantasy games like Warhammer and Lord of The Rings or Sci-Fi games like Firestorm Armada or Warhammer 40k. Who knows.

I remember back to the days of cardboard box houses and if we hit it right, confiscating some O gauge train buildings from our dads stash. We'd set it all up and battle all night long. We used plastic army men, misc space figures, animals, Vikings and even some Cowboys and Indians.

Usually we set up a town and had the locals round up some mercenaries to help with their defense. Then the evil army would show up and try to take the place over. It was always a desperate struggle but the defenders would always rally and make the town safe once again.

It had me wondering. I went to the basement and rummaged through some boxes and came up with some of the very soldiers we played with as boys 30-35 years ago. And today we use more sophisticated rules and miniatures but in essence are still playing war-games

So what will the next generation come up with? We had a variety of things going on and the big one was no computer games. Unless Pong counts. It's a busy disconnected world and table top gaming is a great way to bring friends together and meet new ones for fun and socialization.

If Facebook and texts are the only ways you communicate, get out to a local hobby shop where some good old fashioned toy soldiers are on the table and have at it! Many shops have open nights and are more than willing to teach a new player. Old timers are always eager to share the love of the game with others.

Well if you know a new player, a memory of war-games from the old days or have a son carrying the torch, let us know. We'd love to hear about your story!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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