Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Polish Winged Lancers from Warlord Games

Here they come, thundering onto the battlefield, the Polish Winged Lancers from Warlord Games. Early this week the new box set was released from Warlord Games

There are few more exotic or dramatic bodies of men than were to be found in the squadrons, or pulks of the Polish Winged Hussars.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, these elite horsemen were the flower of Polish chivalry.They dominated almost all the dramatic battles of those centuries with their unstoppable charges.

Few could stand the dreadful impacts of their deadly long lances and those who did risked being hacked down with the variety of swords and pistols carried by the Hussars for close quarters fighting. The vision of the winged lancers with their wooden-framed, feathered wings was a stirring sight and with their colourful plumes, bright clothing and streaming pennants they would be a sight you wouldn't forget.

This brand new, excellent metal boxed set from Warlord contains:
• 8 metal cavalry models including standard bearer, officer and musician.
• 7 steel lances.
• 4-page background guide
• Full-colour standard and lance pennants.

In addition to the boxed set of Winged Lancers, Warlord has created a pack of 3 random Hussars so you can add more horsemen to your regiment.

Warhammer players will recognize the inspiring figures as a basis for Empire troops from the Kislevite plains.

You’ll find rules for using these awe-inspiring historic cavalrymen in Warlords Pike & Shotte rule book.

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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