Saturday, April 7, 2012

French Napoleonic Hussars by Perry Miniatures

Gotta love Perry Miniatures and these phenomenal French Napoleonic Hussars!

French Napoleonic Hussars

Let's start with the beautiful cover art on the package by Peter Dennis. It really gets you thinking about heroic charges against great odd.

Now, here's what you get in the box, a comprehensive historical guide to all the French Hussar units dating from 1792 through 1815!
And Fourteen 28mm hard plastic figures to build. The detailing is superb, just what you'd expect from Perry Miniatures.
The command sprue has enough pieces to make a trumpeter or standard bearer and an officer. Each Hussar can have their functional campaign dress uniforms or the more elaborate full dress uniforms.

There is also enough different heads to outfit your Hussars in the early period Miriliton hat, the Bell top Shako, Cylindrical Shako, Coverede bell top or the Fur Colpack worn by most elite Hussars.

There are four trooper sprues, three troops to each one, with all the same options as the command sprue.

And lastly, four horse sprues, also with three to a sprue.

We spent about 2 hours cutting pieces from the sprues and putting these guys together. We assembled five of the 14 available.

Trooper A with raised sword...

and his opposite side.

Trooper B has his sword arm fully extended

The trumpeter has his sword in the sheath.

With a few modifications, a regular trooper becomes the standard bearer.

There you have it for now, get some of these beauties and start building your forces! The hard part is deciding on which of the 18 Hussar regimental schemes to paint.

Good luck in deciding and have a great battle!
The Old Crow

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