Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Warhammer Fantasy releases from Gamesworkshop - Karl Franz on Deathclaw and Empire Demigryph Knights

New releases this month from Gamesworkshop for Warhammer Fantasy Empire players, a new Empire General or Karl Franz, on Deathclaw and Empire Demigryph Knights box sets!

In my opinion, Gamesworkshop has been doing some great things with plastic kits. The Empire hero on Griffon is no exception. Your Empire General can go into battle on the back of one of the most powerful mounts in the Warhammer world. Better yet put your wizard lord on the ferociuos mount so he can get to the action and deal out some serious damage.

And to trump all others, you can mount Emperor Karl Franz, Prince of Altdorf and Elector Count of Reikland. He wields Ghal Maraz, the fabled hammer of Sigmar, crushing his enemies with every blow. Karl Franz is always at the forefront of the battles against those that would dare attack the Empire. His griffon Deathclaw is the mightiest Imperial Griffon that ever lived!
The plastic kit contains a 50x100mm monster base and 74 components with which you can build either Karl Franz on Deathclaw, or a General of the Empire or Wizard Lord on a Griffon.

Now the noble knights of the Empire have good reason to feel assured when they ride into battle upon a Demigryph. These Warhammer world beasts are stronger and tougher than a warhorse, you'll want to get your Demigryphs up close to your foes, where it will use beak and claw to rip apart their armour like a can opener. When a Demigryph attacks, it strikes in a blur of motion, pouncing upon the enemy before they have time to raise their weapons.

If you're lucky, the Knight might even get to attack something too!

The plastic kit contains three 50x75mm monster bases and 83 components with which you can build three Empire Demigryph Knights.

With these guys you will have a great battle!
The Old Crow

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