Friday, March 30, 2012

Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns used for SAGA

Finished these four Gripping Beast Saxon models last week.for an additional point to go with our SAGA Anglo-Danish Warband.

We used parts from the Viking Hirdmen box set to modify these guys to use the two handed Dane Axes. Some modifications were made to avoid having the same pose on all four miniatures

One of the Hearthguard for use in SAGA

Here's his heraldic shield design, hand painted.

Another Anglo-Danish Huscarl for SAGA

Shield designs for the unit..

Another fine brave warrior for viking age combat!

I'll have additional images of the new castings mentioned in our last post soon!

Have a great battle!
The Old Crow


  1. Nice looking Danes :)
    Like the shields.

  2. These are great - how did you go about the mods for the arms?

    1. Thanks Mike! We used extra spear arms and cut the spear tops off. Added the Dane axe head with a pin in between the head and shaft for stability. The Gripping Beast box sets give you plenty of extra arms and weaponry.