Friday, March 2, 2012

Warhammer Tavern and SAGA Viking Age Houses

OK its been a bit and we've been busy so here's a couple items finished recently.

The first is this awesome tavern.

I was experimenting with cardstock buildings and came up with this one. I had color copies printed and mounted them onto a heavy poster-board.
It measures a whopping 9" across by 7.5 " deep and 0ver 10" tall. Great for the "Heroic" scale miniatures.

I added a block of foam to the top of the chimney and 3 smokestacks in the form of pushpins painted up and stuck into the foam. That seemed to finish it off for me.

Here's one with the flash on, you can see a bit more detail.

And the back.

Now onto Viking Age dwellings. You may have seen these behind the SAGA warlord post  but we've added the trim features to the front and back of these "second" generation houses. We've sold a handful on eBay recently.

We've also finished the small pond you see by adding the water effects. It measues approximately 9.5" x 5" and looks great on the table. We're finishing a larger version that's about 15" x 10" which we'll post images of and a brief "How To" build, paint and add the water ripples.

Til then,
Have a Great Battle!

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