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SAGA Battle Report - Anglo-Danish versus Welsh - Battle at the Ford Scenario

“From the north my lord!” shouted the guard from the tower. Denaan craned his head, hair blowing across his shoulders, to see them.
“Several are mounted.” The sentry added.
“Must be a Welsh warband, the Normans wouldn’t travel this far north. Rally the warriors Sigal, the guard is with me. We must get to the far side of the river and hold them off!”

This was a 6pt SAGA Battle between Welsh and Anglo-Danish Warbands this past Thursday with Sam up at Geneva College

Danes set up, from left (bottom) to right (top) with 10 Warriors and 6 Levies. Continuing to the right 6 additional Levies, 4 Hearthguard, the Warlord, 6 Warriors and finally 4 Hearthguard.

Welsh set up from their right (bottom) they had 8 Warriors on foot, 8 Warriors on horseback and 4 Hearthguard. Continuing to their left (top), 4 Hearthguard, Welsh Warlord, 4 Hearthguard and 8 mounted Warriors.

The Welsh had the initiative and wasted no time. The mounted warriors on the left flank moved double to crest the bridge, hurl their javelins and then retreat back to their side of the river. One Danish hearthguard fell to their attack. The Danes all moved forward, eager to get to grips with the enemy.

The Welsh Warriors fell back and to their left to allow their warlord and 2 hearthguard units to advance on the bridge. On the right flank the mounted Welsh warriors also advanced to the lower bridge.

Once again all the Danes advance, the levies reach the bottom of the lower bridge. On the right flank the small warrior unit reaches onto the base of the bridge to screen the warlord and hearthguard who are directly behind.

Turn three got off to an action packed start with the Welsh warlord and one hearthguard advancing to the crest of the upper bridge and hurl javelins killing two Danish warriors. The Warlord then falls back to their side of the bridge, bringing his hearthguard along for the retreat.

On the lower bridge the mounted Welsh warriors rode across the bridge and hurled their javelins at the archer levies slaying four of them.

In the Danish turn the 10 Warriors at the bottom bridge charged toward the mounted Welsh. The Welsh warriors attempted to use “Hit and Run” to move back across the bridge but the Danes countered with “Intimidation” thus neutralizing the mounted warriors. The Danish attack was ferocious, slaying four Welsh and losing only two of their own number. The four remaining Welsh retreated from the combat. On the upper bridge the Danish warriors move past the halfway point allowing the Danish Warlord and a Hearthguard to advance to the top of the bridge.

In the fourth round, the Welsh mounted warriors at the upper bridge advanced and hurled their javelins at the warlord’s entourage slaying a Hearthguard. This left three retainers with Breas Danaan. At the bottom bridge the four remaining mounted Welsh took to the bridge once more and slew 2 Danish warriors with their javelin attack.

The Danish Warriors were being frustrated by the continuous reign of Javelins while their own levy archers fired arrow after arrow and hit nothing. The six warriors at the bottom bridge charge into the remaining four mounted Welsh and hit four times but only kill one of their enemy losing none and forcing the Welsh back again. At the top bridge, the Danish warriors also charge and using “Stuborness” gain three additional attacks. They slay three Welsh and find themselves in a precarious position on the far side of the river!

In turn five the Welsh at the upper bridge are unable to advance due to the three Danish warriors. The Warlord and his retainers move slightly and hurl their javelins only managing to slay one. The Welsh warriors advance and are able to slay an additional Dane and the last remaining Danish warrior falls back to the bridge.

In the bottom of the fifth the Danish warriors at the bottom bridge charge once more and slay the remaining mounted Welsh warriors. Unfortunately they lose three of their own number leaving only three warriors. At the upper bridge there is a cheer from the levy archers as they actually score 2 hits and slay a mounted Welsh warrior. The last Danish warrior moves to his right to face the imposing Welsh warlord and his guard. This allows the Danish warlord and three hearthguard to descend onto the far side of the bridge, engage the Welsh warriors and slay them to the man. The Welsh not going easily take one Danish hearthguard to the grave with them.

The Welsh smelling victory used their continuous volley of javelins once more. At the bottom bridge, the fresh eight Welsh warriors slay the remaining three Danes standing between them and the bridge. At the upper bridge, the warlord and his hearthguard moved forward slightly and impaled the last Danish warrior with their javelins. The second unit of hearthguard hurled their javelins at the Danish hearthguard defending their warlord, slaying both of them. All four Welsh Hearthguard then charge the lone Danish warlord and score 3 hits. The warlord only saves one and thus falls to their attack and fails to take any Welsh with him.

With only 3 hearthguard and a handful of levies and two more turns left, the Danes cede the battleground to the Welsh.

It was a hard fought battle and the scenario really favored the Welsh with their hit and run style of fighting. The Anglo-Danish warband had a hard time getting into melee with the enemy. The Levies were pretty useless, only one kill, and an additional eight warriors might have made more of an impact at the end.

Removing their casualties and dead, the three household guards of Breas Danaan carried his body back across the river and continued the retreat toward their hall. As one of them stumbled the warlords body was jostled on the makeshift wood and bear skin stretcher. There was a faint groan from deep within the mighty warlord. The Hearthguard now hurried to return their lord home to seek the healer. Breas Danaan would not die so easily.

Hope you enjoyed the report!
Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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