Monday, February 13, 2012

Matchstick Fleet by Phil Warren

Recently found this article on Phil  Warren from the UK and his "Matchstick Fleet"  Since completing his first 1/300th scale ship model in 1948, he's been adding continuously to his matchstick fleet. Phil's collection has now grown to over 400 different ship models, all were built entirely from the materials in a matchbox and nothing else.
That also includes over 1200 airplanes to go with the ships.

Phil has created every ship in the Royal Navy since 1945, over 60 ships from the US Navy and 18 other nations.

The average ship in uses around 1,500 matchsticks and takes about a month to complete.
Larger ships like the carriers use over 5,000 matchsticks and 200 wooden boxes. These took him about a year to complete.
Tallying up all his ships, Phillip Waren used around 650,000 matchsticks, to create his entire fleet.

 The oldest reference to Phil's Matchstick Fleet I found was from Model Warships website dated 2005, but it's news to me so enjoy the photos and you can see more on the site.
Til next time, have a great battle!
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