Wednesday, August 1, 2018

3D Printing for Bolt Action and 28mm War Games

When the need arose for Polish transports, we tried an experiment with a decent little 3D printer. We found a model of a truck similar to those used by the Polish Army and scaled it to fit a 28mm world.

We were happy with the results and will post finished images when that happens.

In good turn, we tried a Matilda to support the growing British forces.

A quick coat of primer and basic paint job left us with a table worthy piece of armor.

The possibilities are astounding!!! Tank War here we come

Have a Great Battle
The Old Crow


  1. They look rather good. 3D Printing seems to be coming into its own this year.

    1. Thanks, and yes, they are progressing nicely. I'll have to post the model of the printer.