Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Release: Warhammer Wood Elves Durthu Treeman and More from Games Workshop

More models rolling out from Games Workshop, this time Wood Elves including a new Durthu Treeman. Here he is, now armed with a sword. Not sure how I like the new model... looks a bit to much like a gnarled skeleton than a treeman. Let us know what you think of him.

So a little of the "new" background, Durthu is an Elder of Athel Loren, an ancient Treeman who was once a healer and teacher. However, centuries of destruction, death and carnage has taken its toll on his valiant spirit. Durthu’s once benevolent nature has now been replaced by an abiding madness.

As we mentioned, Durthu is armed with a sword and claw. His ancient and gnarled branches are decorated with the skulls of those unfortunate enough to happen upon the Elder as they trespassed in his forest.

Standing over 6 inches tall, Durthu can be customised by adding ethereal spite-creatures to his base, branches or roots. There are eight fantastical little spites in this kit to choose from.

The model kit makes one of three miniatures: the Treeman, the Treeman Ancient or the special character Durthu. Each variant has a unique pose, a different head and it’s own weaponry options.
This was Durthu back when we started playing Warhammer Fantasy, only six pieces to the kit!! Treemen, Durthu included, were living old trees who were in the forest of Loren long before the elves showed up. When they got mad, they smashed things, no sword needed.

The Treeman Ancients are the oldest of all the Treemen of Athel Loren, and it is their magic that nurtures and shapes the forest’s growth. Slow to anger, they only answer the call to war when times are dire, when their leadership can rouse the forest of Athel Loren to its full fighting fury.

Other new models are the Wildwood Rangers and Eternal Guard. The single set provides all the components needed to make 10 figures armed with double headed Astri spears and shields or the formidable glaives. You can also make make a command group.

The ever-vigilant Wildwood Rangers patrol the waystone borders of the Wildwood - the home of the most dangerous and cruel of the forest spirits. When the waystone fences are breached, the Rangers hold back the tide of dark spirits with their formidable glaives.

The Eternal Guard are the wardens of Athel Loren. During the frozen winter months when the forest spirits slumber the Eternal Guard protect the sacred groves and glades from all invaders. Every Wood Elf Lord is expected to keep a company of Eternal Guard to serve as bodyguards. These warriors are selected from those of noble birth that have proven themselves on the field of battle.

Let us know what you think and ..
Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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