Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Model Building 101 Class Progress

Just a quick post on the Model Building Class we're hosting.

The class is doing great! Everybody has been enjoying it, unless they're not being honest with me.

Here's some of the progress they've been making...

Jake has been quite ambitious and has moved from the half-timber house to a battle diorama. Here he's starting to sculpt the hills.

Russ has his house primed and is starting the painting phase while Nate has the final touches to apply to his house.

Most of the class going at it...

Julie and Landon have finished their paint work and are starting the bases

Julie has gone crazy on her house as you can see from the first image and this one. She cut each shingle , textured them and applied them individually. Her painting is awesome too! Check out the stained glass windows!

Next we'll post the step by step painting guide for the half timber house.

Till then, Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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