Monday, April 8, 2013

New Release - Tau Sun Shark Bomber and Razor Shark Strike Fighter

Tau Sun Shark BomberAnother New Release this month is the Tau Sun Shark Bomber and Razor Shark Strike Fighter kit.

Tau Sun Shark Bomber
The Sun Shark Bomber is a sleek atmospheric aircraft that is capable of sweeping down from the skies and blasting ground targets with its potent payload.

Tau Sun Shark Bomber
The Sun Shark Bomber kit shows the elegant design of the Tau in all its glory. Its front wingtips are tilted downwards, as are its stabilizers and these are connected in a way that frames either a quad ion turret or a pulse bomb generator.

Details include Air caste insignia sculpted onto the top of the model, and an array of metal panels, grills and two engines positioned either side of the nose.

Tau Sun Shark Bomber Sprue
There are also additional detail such as lights and an aerial. Other weapons options include a twin-linked ion rifle, burst cannon, missile pod, networked markerlight and seeker missiles

You'll also find two Interceptor Drones that are docked within the wings, but which can be disconnected.

Tau Razorshark Strike Fighter
Built along a design pattern modified from the Sun Shark is the Razorshark Strike Fighter.

The Razorshark forgoes an Interceptor Drone in favor of additional maneuvering thrusters, and it trades the pulse bomb generator for a fearsome quad ion turret.

Tau Razorshark Strike Fighter
This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components and a Tau transfer sheet with which to make either a Sun Shark Bomber or a Razorshark Strike Fighter.

Tau Razorshark Strike Fighter Details
This kit as all the others, comes unpainted and requires assembly. It'll also set you back 65 USD retail.

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