Thursday, April 25, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name Steampunk Skirmish Game by Osprey

New steampunk skirmish game coming from Osprey Publishing! Osprey is very well known for their multitude of beautiful and finely detailed warfare books. From what we hear, this one will be no exception.

It is 1895 and the world is in turmoil. The Great Powers compete for resources and the latest technology, and an undeclared and secret war rages between them all. This is the battleground of the Adventuring Companies. These clandestine agents of the Great Powers operate in the shadows, matching skills and wits in pursuit of the newest scientific formula or powerful artifacts.

In Her Majesty’s Name sets these adventuring companies against each other in one-off encounters and in longer narrative campaigns. Companies are usually comprised of just 4–15 figures and two players could easily play three games in an evening, making an on-going campaign a highly viable option.

In Her Majesty’s Name has been designed to allow maximum versatility for the player – if you can imagine it, the system will help you build it.

There is, however, a wealth of material provided in the book, covering weird science, mystical powers, and a range of pre-generated adventuring companies, including the British Explorers’ Club,

the Prussian Society of Thule, the US Marine Corps, the Légion Étrangère, the revolutionaries of the Brick Lane Commune, ancient Egyptian cults,

and the mysterious Black Dragon Tong.

The book is a 64 page paperback and the contents will have an Introduction, Overview, how to Create an Adventuring Company, the Rules of Play, a section on Vehicles & Mounts, Campaign Rules and several Pre-generated Force Lists as mentioned above.

North Star Military Figures will be releasing miniatures (as seen above) to go along with the release this month. If you have an insatiable appetite for these things, check out Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions. Here is their box set of the "Gentlemen's Club"

Other Steampunk genre games like Smog 1888 The Thirteenth Hour and Mauser Earth from Smart Max have some fantastical figures like Major Dreadful and . . . .

Haupsturmfuhrer Von Kardsten but these are 1/35th scale miniatures so it'll be tough to mix and match these figures with other games.

We'll be whipping up something to throw at you in the near future but til then,

Have a Great Battle
The Old Crow

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