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The Horne of the Rat Warhammer Battle Report - Orcs vs Skaven

Orcs and Goblins versus Skaven Battle Report
The Horne of the Rat stood out in the center or the battleground. It was a large rock formation which made the Orcs uneasy. Bolloks the Black was not intimidated by a rock. However he didn't get where he was by underestimating either enemy and superstitions. He sent a batch of boyz over to his right to watch it. The night gobbos needed watchin as much as the rock, especially with the crazy fanatics residing in the unit. Bollocks kept them to his immediate left so he could give them looks if needed.

The Night Goblin Shaman, Pig Stikka was hungrily handling his mad cap mushrooms and itching to get the little waaagh active. There was a group of arrer boyz off to their left with Oog, the armies standard bearer.

1000 point Warhammer battle fought between Orcs and Goblins and Skaven.
Lvl 4 Grey Seer
Battle Standard Bearer
30 Storm Vermin
30 Clan Rats
30 Clan Rats
3 Rat Ogres and 3 handlers

Black Orc Big Boss

Battle Standard Bearer
Lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman
40 Night Goblins
2 Fanatics

20 Orc Boyz with choppa and shield
20 Biguns with 2 choppas
12 Orc Arrer Boyz

Out of the mists the rats began their approach. Bolloks eyed them cautiously. There were two large units of clan rats. No problem with those guys he thought to himself. Then he saw the hulking forms of the misshapen rat ogres and their handlers followed by heavily armored rats he recognized as Storm vermin.

Once again Bolloks eyeed the opposition. He did see the rats banner within the storm vermin but where was their leader? Then he saw the armored rats part to allow a cloaked and hooded figure to the front. He peered through the fog and deduced the leader was a grey seer. He'd heard of a powerful magical rat in this part of the mountains and had now found him.It was Dormrot the Blightmaster Grey Seer of the Horned Rat clan. Dang

Dormrot wasted no time in motioning his troops forward and striking out at the night goblins. The air electrified as warp lightning crackled from his fingertips and struck the night goblins immediately following several additional goblins were scorched. In total, seven night goblins fell.

Pig Stikka augmented the arrer boyz with Gift of the Spider God, making their attacks poisoned.
He tried to cast Sneaky Stabbin on the night goblins but the grey seer prevented it. The Arrer boyz let loose a volley and slew a rat ogre and two of their handlers. The Orc Boyz on the right flank nervously eyed the Horne of the Rat rock formation and argued whether or not to go by it or not. Being away from their leader, they continued their squabbling. The rest of the army advanced.

Dormrot was not pleased and made note of the diminutive shaman. He would make the night goblin pay (he generated 11 casting dice). The seer began by getting revenge on the pesky arrer boyz. He promptly cast scorch, warped lightning and the thirteenth spell which warped the remaining 8 arrer boyz into clan rats. Pig Stikka was hopelessly outclassed against the powerful caster and could do nothing to stop him.

As the rats now moved forward the rat ogres and first clan rat unit began to charge the orc lines. Suddenly the fanatics could be contained no longer and broke free. The first streaked toward the rat ogres and the second careened through the clan rats smashing three of the rodents to paste. The Rat Ogres could not be stopped by the handlers and charged through the first fanatic who crashed through one of the rat ogres, wounding it and slaying the last pack master. Once the twisted ogres hit the night goblins they tore through 5 of the short greenskins. Not to be outdone, the goblins were able to stick the two rat ogres with spears, slaying them both.

The clan rats, after having the fanatic pass through, attacked the Orc Biguns and Warboss taking down 5 of the brutes. The Warboss and Biguns struck back slaying 9 rats. Due to the proximity of the Grey Seer and Standard, they held their ground.

The fanatic moved crazily across the battlefield, now blocking the path of the orc boyz who decided to make haste toward the fighting. Bollocks the black and his biguns slew 4 more of the foul furry creatures and only lost 3 of their own numbers. This time the rats broke and fled through the unit behind them. Before the second unit of rats had time to react they were being assaulted by the angry greenskins.

Pig Stikka and the Night Goblins took heed and uncharacteristically charged the Storm Vermin and the Grey Seer. He tried augmenting his fellow goblins twice but the Grey Seer prevented both spells. The goblins attempt to slay as many rats as possible and land several hits but only kill one of the heavily armored rats. The rat chieftain and Storm Vermin snuffed six night goblins from existence  Not even the presence of the nearby warboss could stop the goblins from fleeing and they were summarily run down by the Storm Vermin

The orc lines were getting thin and Bollucks had very little he could do. He continued the slugfest with the clan rats but behind him doom lurked.

The new clan rats moved to flank the Biguns, the fleeing rats raillied and The Grey Seer began his casting. Once again he cast scorch, warped lightning and the thirteenth spell which once again warped the last unit of boyz into clan rats. He had done the last with irresistible force and was wounded himself in the backlash. This made little difference as the warboss and biguns were surrounded and would be utterly destroyed.

A quick and resounding victory for the Skaven!

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