Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Viking Great Hall for SAGA - Part Two

A quick Viking Great Hall update! We were able to get the interior flooring started with some handy coffee stirrers! Most coffee shop owners won't mind parting with a handful if you ask nicely. These are a little easier to work with because they are thinner, skinnier and longer than craft sticks.

Using the same technique with other craft sticks we taped a row together and trimmed off both ends. Then score them in at least two other places to represent individual boards.

We also cut several shorter sizes for spacing the boards out.

Starting with one long stick we placed it on the outer edge. Next we used one of the smaller spacers that was approximately half the size of the first scored section. Thne add another long piece and continue alternating as you go.

As you move across the flooring it should resemble what you see here.

Once finished the balcony flooring was inserted. Make sure your doors swing in and back closed easily.

The stirrers worked for the doors too. You can use balsa wood pieces and score them but we had plenty of stirrers of various widths. Measuring the width of the door we sized 3 sticks and taped them together. Place it behind the door opening and trace the curve of the door onto the front of the stirrers.

Once cut glue them onto the cardboard door and verify the door swings in and out. Repeat this for all the doors and flooring.

Next we'll tackle the paint job and landscaping!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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