Friday, August 24, 2012

A Great Hall for SAGA or Dark Age Historical Wargames

Creating a great hall for SAGA was in the planning for some time. There was rare opportunities to get one built but today saw the start of something big. The hall is loosely based on Hleidargard, the heart of the Skjoldung dynasty. Dated around 900 AD it is the largest Viking Age structure found in Scandinavia.

The remains of Hleidargard were unearthed near the small village of Lejre on the central Danish island of Sjælland. Lejre, a site with a long history of prehistoric habitation. It was a massive 48.3 by 11.5 meters or 158.4 x 37.7 feet. Here's the basics of the structure with the front pillars added.

The roof will be removable and will have working doors and balcony inside and out, A Gripping Beast Saxon Thegn is pictured with it for size comparison. We'll post the complete how to build this great hall once we get it finished. Hopefully not to far in the future.

Till then, have a great battle!
The Old Crow


  1. Please post finished pictures when you can.

    1. Sure thing Drew. Long weekend coming up so I hope to make some progress on it.