Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warhammer - Old School Gamesworkshop Orc Regiment for Orcs and Goblins Army

Remember the old days when all the miniatures in a unit all looked the same! Here's a regiment of old Gamesworkshop Orcs from way back. I had picked up a ton of these when Gamesworkshop used to have a bargain basement.

Added different shields for a bit of variety to the troops. For the command group a Bretonnian shield and standard from a Goblin sprue. The musician received a horn, also from a goblin sprue and a shield from a Dogs of War unit. The champion has also gotten a new weapon and special shield leftover from the Orc regiment box set.

On the standard is the Yellow Hand!

Many of the troops also bear the mark of the Yellow Hand!

Another bonus for today is an old school Orc hero on boar. Also bearing the Yellow Hand of Sourdough on his shield! 

The chips in the armor can be achieved by painting a dark area over the color and then adding a spot of silver to it.

Till next time, Have a Great Battle!!
The Old Crow

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