Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SAGA - Anglo-Danish versus Viking Battle Report

The SAGA of Breas Danaan the Mighty

“Curse those Northmen.” Spat Finian. Then shouted, “My Lord Danaan, Longboat approaching.”
Fortunately the siting of the Viking craft was soon enough for the alarm to be raised. Breas Danaan, warlord of the coastal region approached the tower. “Any more than one Finian?” he inquired.
“No sir, only one”
“Very good, we should be able to dispatch them easy enough. They are as rash as they are bold, remember to use that against them. Come, bring your axe and join me below”
Finian climbed from the tower and retrieved his double handed Dane axe. With a good swing the weapon could sever the head of a horse. This did mean he had to forfit his shield, but with such a powerful offense it was rarely needed.
The Anglo-Danish warband moved down the path leading to the flat land below their village.
Breas barked out orders, “Finian, take the other huscarls to my left and prepare to flank the barbarians when they land. Geras, you and five other ceorls stay in the center. Watch where the fighting becomes thick and throw your weight in there. You men, form up on the right and wait for my order to advance.”
Geras and the other warriors moved into position as the Viking band poured from their craft. Would he live through this day? He thought to himself. Would it be a good day? His thoughts were cut short when eight of the Viking bondi warriors took up the center of the oncoming warband. A group of hirdmen stayed to the Danes right with their warlord coming up behind them. He was an imposing figure and would be a force to be reckoned with. Then alarmingly, 4 warriors wearing only primitive marking of yellow and black paint sprinted toward the Danes left.
“Damn them!” Breas said forcefully. “Besrerkers!”

This was a 4 point SAGA battle between Anglo-Danish and Viking warbands.
Each point can buy 4 hearthgurd, your elite fighting men. Or 8 warriors, the bulk of your warband or 12 levies which are no more than peasants “recruited” in times of need.

The Anglo-Danish forces were 2 pts of warriors and 2 pts of hearthguard.
They were formed into 1 unit of 8 hearthguard with Danish axes, 1 unit of  6 warriors and a unit of 10 warriors.

The Viking forces were 3 pts of hearthguard and 1 point of warriors.
They were formed into 1 unit of 8 hearthguard, 1 unit of four hearthguard upgraded to beserkers and 1 unit of 8 warriors.

Breas spared the Norsemen no moment of rest and advanced with all of his forces. Seeing the threat of beserkers attempting to out flank his brave warriors he charged and called to Finian and the huscarls, “With me!”.

They thundered into the crazed beserkers. 
Blows were exchanged and the beserkers were no more. However 3 of the Danes fell and two others gave their lives protecting their warlord. Using a good dose of “Intimidation” can be very useful and the Danes used it to prevent the Viking warriors in the center from advancing. The rest of the Vikings dad move forward, the warlord moving up beside his hearthguard.

The Danes center moved in to block the 8 opposing warriors. The Vikings attacked with “Valhalla! ”  sacrificing 3 of their own to gain 12 additional attacks. Their fury cause numerous hits and slayed all but one of the Danes. The Danes did not go down easy and sent 2 of the Vikings to their doom. The last remaining Dane retreated from the combat.

On the right, fierce combat erupted as the 10 Anglo-Danish ceorl charged into the 8 Viking hearthgurd. The Vikings cause 14 hits but with the aid of “Hard as Iron” the Danes save 12 of them and kill one of the Viking elites. The Vikings use “Thor” to immediately engage in combat once more and slay 2 additional warriors. The luck of the dice goes in favor of the Danes though and they dispatch 4 Viking hearthguard! 
Savoring the moment, the Anglo-Danish warriors then use “The Push” and good dice rolls to dispatch 4 additional Vikings as they seemed to be trying to retreat as the last one did!

At that fateful moment, the Viking wartlord, his golden hair and beard flowing behind him, charged with true raging beserk fashion into the 6 warriors who dispatched his hearthguard. His fury could not be denied and he slew 3 of the brave Danes but could not overcome all of them and was pierced by spear and sword! 
Thus with their leader fallen the few remaining Vikings lost heart, turned back to their longboat and left the countryside for their long ocean voyage home. The Anglo-Danes need only to bury their dead and prepare for the next incursion.

Geras grimaced as the maiden cleaned and bandaged his wounds. He was fortunate to be alive when all those around him had died at the hands of the Viking warriors.
“Well done Geras!” Danaan commended as he clasped his hands on the young warriors shoulders. “You have fought bravely and continue to distinguish yourself with valor. Those are the virtues I look for in the men who make up my hearthguard.”
“Sir, what do you mean?” Geras asked, not fully understanding.
Breas Danaan stood to his full height and laughed heartily at the warrior. “Yes Geras, you will join my personal hearthguard and receive all the benefits and dangers it entails.” Breas continued to chuckle as he began to leave. He looked over his shoulder as he exited and smiled as he said “I hope you are up for the challenge!”
Geras watched the Warlord depart and caught a wink from Finian as the other hearthguard turned to follow Danaan. He had lived through the day, been extolled by their feared and respected leader and was now one of his retainers. Yes he thought, this is a good day.

Wrap Up
There you have it, the inaugural SAGA Battle Report! The Anglo-Danish forces held the day by winning a bold but rash battle against the Viking warlord. The thing to remember is keep some warriors nearby your Warlord so they can take the hit for him. This worked for Breas Danaan when he took three wounds from the beserkers. The first wound in each fight is automatically discounted against a warlord and any warriors or hearthguard within two inches can save their liege by taking a hit for him. So two noble hearthguard sacrificed to keep their leader alive!

Have a Great Battle!!
The Old Crow


  1. Excellent report Sir. Well done to the anglo-danes. I play myself with Normans being my favorite warband.

  2. Thanks, do you fancy the mounted troops or hail of arrows?

  3. Realy Nice AAR, would have loved to see some pictures from the game to:)

    Best regards dalauppror