Sunday, November 13, 2011

Napoleonic Historical Miniatures

Historical miniatures are a large part of table top gaming. Sure elves and orcs are great fun but setting up the British and Prussians forces to go against Napoleon in a recreation of the Battle of Waterloo can't be beat. The rich historical background adds to the feel of the game and a chance to see if the French can win this time! 


If you want to bolster your forces Perry Miniatures has some new releases this month. In my humble opinion, Alan and Michael Perry create some of the finest miniatures you'll find anywhere. 

 This month you can add the British six horse team with three drivers and the New Pattern four wheeled ammunition wagon. The detail is fantastic, check out the under carriage on the wagon.

For their Prussian allies, go for the Prussian Four horse Train team and the Four wheeled Powder wagon. With the 4 horse team it could be used as a provision wagon.

Any way you look at it, these are beautiful miniatures for your historical collection.

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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