Friday, November 4, 2011

Gaming, Six Feet Under

If you happen to be in the Lancaster PA area visiting Amish country and your wife wants to visit another quilt shop, drop her off and head on over to “Six Feet Under” at 844 West Main Street in New Holland PA. The motto “So Many Games, So Little Time” takes on a whole new meaning as you enter the store. The area is well lit and there are rows of clean white tables awaiting your gaming desires.

With spacious aisles and enough games to keep the most die hard enthusiast busy for many months. You can find everything from board games, role-playing, miniatures, collectible card games and a vast array of accessories. The first thing that caught our eye was the wall of games broken down into categories like; exploration games, economic games, building games and our favorite War Games.

There is an aisle of miniatures dominated by the Reaper lines but you can find others like Warmachine and Hordes.

A section dedicated to card games where you can find the obvious to the obscure.


In the accessories area you’ll find game mats, screens, dice and dice bags.

As a service to their customers, Six feet under provides a “Board Game Library” stocked with hundreds of games for anyone to stop in and try out. With price tags on many games reaching the 60-80 dollar mark, it’s important for people to be able to see what they are getting. Anyone can watch a video online or see pictures of the games. Nothing beats opening a box and getting your hands on the actual product. 

Many titles from leading manufacturers like Fantasy Flight, Mayfair, Avalon Hill, Rio Grande, Privateer Press and Flying Frog Productions. For a list of what you’re likely to find, check the link for the Game Library Contents.


Manager Sue Waldbiesser believes it is “Important to give back to the community” and “Improve the world through improving social skills“. Six Feet Under games has raised over 7.5 tons of food for the Water Street Rescue Mission through game auctions and role playing game-a-thons.
Sue also has several rescued animals residing as mascots within the store. All are well mannered and her patrons love them as much as gaming, but keep an eye on the gray kitten when rolling any dice.

This slightly off kilter guy is appropriately named “Chewbacca”

For directions, hour of operation and events, check the Six Feet Under Website!
One last thing, I finally found the item every good game player needs, the “Bag o Zombies”! Regular and Glow in the dark!


Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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