Monday, December 26, 2016

Bolt Action Gingerbread Stalingrad Battle

Had our first Bolt Action Tank Battle on the Gingerbread Stalingrad board! It was Jonathan and Kevin on the German side with two Panzers each.

Nathan had a Soviet Medium tank and a Sherman on lend lease from the USA. I ran with two T-34s.

Nathan started the moves by advancing his Sherman into the ruins for some cover. The Soviets moved two more tanks on before the Germans emerged to open fire on the Red armor!

There were plenty of misses due to the cover provided by the ruins. Quite a few hits were also scored which caused pins, but first blood went to Nathan as his Sherman hit and destroyed one of the Panzers.

After a few exchanges, one of Kevin's Panzers returned the favor by destroying a Soviet tank with a long shot.

The two T-34's commanded the center of the board from the Tractor Factory. One of Jon's Panzers took a hit and caught fire. However the crew was able to get the flames out and retreat from the building they were hidden in.

The Germans had the last three moves in turn six. Kevin's Panzer moved out  for a clean shot into the factory,  but failed to hit. So the game ended in a draw with one kill each.

It was a quick fun game with new players!


  1. Wow!!! Now here´s something unexpected and fun!! Blow them to crumbles...!!! Cheers!! :D

  2. I might have to suggest this to the club next Christmas season, now that gingerbread houses are starting to be more readily (breadily?!) available here in the UK than they used to be...