Monday, July 25, 2016

British Red Devils Jeeps From Warlord Games

 The Red Devils Jeeps box set gives you fantastic components for creating some nice variants. Don't be afraid to grab items off of those old British Infantry or Commando sprues.

These guys are great for making a standard issue British Airborne Jeep, Signals Jeep or Recce Squadron Jeep

We just finished getting these boys assembled and couldn't wait to share them, even before painting. There was quite a bit of flashing on these which all had to be cut away. Don't get over zealous and cut away on yourself!

In wanting to add a bit of character, we added a few bits to our Recce jeeps. On the first jeep, we added a couple Vickers ammo drums on the front seat, gas can strapped to the fender...

spare pack in the back along with a light mortar and binoculars from the Commando sprues

Our second jeep received a similar assortment of packs, fuel can and stowage from the Warlord British Stowage Pack.

We also laid a Lee Enfield rifle across the front of the jeep in case the driver needed a little extra firepower.

The British Airborne Jeeps primary role was to tow support weapons such as 6 pounder anti-tank guns, 75mm pack howitzers, etc rapidly to where they were needed most.

Whilst remaining essentially the same vehicle as the standard issue Willy Jeep the British had to specially modify the Jeep to fit into the British Horsa glider.

The front bumper was cut back, A-frame attached for towing guns, removal of the windshield and several other modifications to allow it to be deployed by glider.

They were also utilized in the Recce Squadron as fast, mobile weapons platforms armed as they were with Vickers K machine guns. The Recce squadron made a habit of placing the spare wheel in front of the radiator grill to help protect the engine from gun fire.

Packed to the gunnels with baggage, fuel cans and batteries for the No. 22 wireless radio the British Airborne Jeeps were an essential part of the Red Devils make-up, allowing these elite troops to deploy fast and hard - often catching the enemy sleeping.

Have A Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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