Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Release WW2 Soviet Infantry From Eureka Miniatures

Eureka Soviet Infantry
Invade Finland or defend the Motherland with Eureka's new World War 2 Soviet 28mm infantry.

New from Eureka Miniatures, these are their first releases for the Second World War. Heavy weapons teams are to follow soon. These guys can be fantastic to add character and bolster your Bolt Action army.

Eureka Soviet Infantry
The backbone of the Red Army was the basic rifleman and their 2 new rifle squads consist of 11 figures each, wearing a mixture of the gymnastiorka tunic and the telogroika padded jacket.

Eureka Soviet Infantry
Eight riflemen with Mosin Nagant rifles are supported by a 2-man Degtyaryov LMG team

Eureka Soviet Infantry
Plus an NCO waving them forward with his PPSh 41 sub machine-gun.

Eureka Soviet Infantry
Rifle squads are available wearing helmet or Pilotka side cap.

Eureka Soviet Infantry
Two 8-man assault squads of sub machine-gunners for close quarter fighting are also available, once again wearing helmets or Pilotka side caps. All are equipped with the rugged and fast-firing PPSh 41 SMG.

Eureka Soviet Infantry
As the war progressed more and more Soviet units were entirely equipped with this weapon, perfect for storming buildings and trenches and launching crushing assaults while yelling the Red Army battlecry "Oorah!".

Eureka Stalingrad Childrens FountainEureka Stalingrad Childrens Fountain
Not only are they releasing infantry but also the Stalingrad Childrens Fountain. This was featured in the movie Enemy At The Gates and Alan Marsh has sculpted the children, crocodile and frogs, while Battlefield Accessories have designed and cut the fountain base for Eureka.

Eureka Stalingrad Childrens Fountain
The whole Soviet range, which can be ordered from Eureka's Online Store, was inspired by Mike Parker of Battlefield Accessories and his enormous game held in Canberra in January this year. Their other Stalingrad terrain can be found on the Battlefield Accessories web site.

Eureka Soviet Infantry Casualties
Eureka's Soviet Infantry, including these casualties, were sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis. Kosta has also added some images of these new Soviets on his own Flying Gorilla Blog.

Eureka Soviet and German Markers
We'll leave you with these great markers, Russian and German rifles and helmets.

Have A Great Battle
The Old Crow

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