Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Assembling A 4Ground Two Story Terrace House for Bolt Action

Today we're going to assemble a 4ground two story terrace house which can be used for Warlord Games Bolt Action World War 2 skirmish game. Here we can see the very detailed pieces that you receive in this splendid little kit. The interior pieces all have a white base that gives you a nice plaster look. The floorboards and windows have a great wood look and feel to them and you also get a red tiled roof, a blue accents board with front door and window sills and even some stone lentils for your windows. Oh and don't forget the chimney stack.

The beauty of these kits is the double thick walls. Here you can see the outer walls are built and the inner pieces are being put in place. If you look in the corner you can see a little tab sticking up that will allow you to place the second floor on top and keep it from sliding off.

The stairs go together as nicely as the rest of the kit, here you can see them mostly assembled. If you use Renadra bases, the models will fit onto the stairs just right.

We have the ground floor assembled, stairs leading up to the second floor are in place and all the walls are installed.

The second floor, seen here assembled, is ready to be placed on top of the ground floor. You can see the tabs on this level too, so that the attic and roof assembly can be put onto it.

Here's another look at the second floor placed on the first.

The roof and attic assembly is designed to allow for the roof to be removed and replaced easily.

Next we have all of the details. We have brick pieces to go into the battle damaged areas. We have grey stone lentils for all the windows and doorways. We have a blue painted front door plus blue window sills and lots of wooden doors and windows. There are even little door knobs

We suggest using a pair of tweezers to insert the Windows, this worked best for us. So, here you can see the front of the building in it's completed stage with some armor and 28 mm US Marine for size.

Again we can't say enough about how well these kids are made. The ability to remove the floors so that you can place models actually inside of the building is a great feature for those who are looking for realism. Bolt action is a line of sight game, so these windows can be put to good use.

On our ground floor we chose to not glue the doors in so they can be positioned open or closed, or removed if they've been kicked out.

Here's a view of the rear of the building

And the side. This kit is a left end so the opposite side is not finished and designed to go up against the next building. 4ground makes left hand, center (or mid) and right hand terrace kits. You can see the great little brick inserts in the battle damaged areas of this kit.

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow


  1. Looks great the damaged bits look brilliant I have some of there corner ruins.

  2. Yeah Simon, they do a nice job. I didn't know how precise their buildings would be, but they are extremely well thought out and designed. We'll be getting a few more in.