Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Modelling and Miniatures Class Finals

Well here it is, the end of our first modelling class. This was the last week and finishing the projects was pushing our budding modellists to the edge! Only three class members made it to the final class but hopefully we can get a few shots of the other projects in the future.

Jake has his diorama in its last stage, adding his warriors to the scene....

Landon was administering foliage to his base....

And Julie was doing the same.

Jake added box sets of Philistine and Hebrew warriors from Caesar Miniatures, along with a new set of 28mm Biblical Age figures from North Star Miniatures for his Goliath.

Here are some of the "gritty" warriors duking it out in the foreground.

David and Goliath are down in the valley, David's sling is just letting loose its stone.

Here the Hebrew warriors are overlooking the battle down below.

Overview with Goliath in the southern end of the diorama. I like how David is positioned in the opening to the valley to block Goliath from running!

Jake was the visionary and had moved onto his diorama while most of the class was still working on their houses.

Landon put in a good many hours on his house and base.

He was really challenged to go for broke and he did a fantastic job .

Here are a few more shots of his dwelling and base

some nice stairway carving

and a swell job on the roof and stone chimney

an overall success.

Julie worked long after class was over most of the weeks, It shows in her final project.

She went above and beyond on the details,,,

including the stairs winding up the hill....

to the gate blocking the sewer pipe...

and the ooze dripping out,

here's more to see

She has some very nice stone work on here too.

It was a fantastic class and we really enjoyed everybody who attended and loved getting new people involved in the miniature making hobby!

I'd have to say they all passed with flying colors.
Have a Great Battle!!
The Old Crow

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