Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Release from Warlord Games the German Ferdinand Heavy Tank Destroyer for Bolt Action

This week Warlord Games helps the Bolt Action forces of the Third Reich add a real monster tank to their arsenal as Warlord releases the colossal Ferdinand heavy tank destroyer!

This is some serious anti-tank firepower!

The Ferdinand was optimized for destroying Soviet T-34 tanks and 76.2mm anti-tank guns from a range of over 3 miles, with its 88mm Pak43/2 L/71 main gun.

If you are a World of Tanks fan, the Ferdinand is a formidable Tier VIII Tank Destroyer.

Ferdinands first saw combat in the Battle of Kursk, where eighty-nine were committed and claimed to have knocked out over 300 enemy tanks, for the loss of just 13. They were, however, dogged by mechanical failures in these early stages of it’s combat life.

A pre-cursor to the Elefant, the Ferdinand lacked it’s successor’s defensive machine gun which made it vulnerable to infantry assaults. You can find the rules for fielding this beast in games of Bolt Action in Warlords additional Units PDF which we link you to right here.

Also this week, the Bolt Action Errata and FAQ document is updated with all the latest tweaks and corrections. The new changes are highlighted in green and you can get it here.

Another new Bolt Action  release is the Soviet Tankers set. The set contains five metal tank crew. One of the crew member, seen on the right, comes with multiple arm options.
We mentioned World of Tanks, well we've featured a few other classic tanks on the blog in the past, one being the release of the Panzer IV.

Another was the Polish 7TP and the Twin Turreted 7TP light tank from our Warsaw City of Ruins post

Hmm, maybe we'll explore other tanks next post. Tanks for reading!

Have a Great Battle,
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