Friday, November 22, 2013

Old Glory Dwarf Canon for Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War

Old Glory miniatures have been around for a good while and if you're looking for a deal they might fit the bill. Old Glory is also one of the few scale model makers located here in the states. In the old days Warhammer supported Dogs of War armies and many Regiments of Renown. One of these was a light caliber mobile canon called Bronzio's Galloper Guns. They were excellent models but are out of print and may be expensive to find on eBay or other venue.

However if you have a friendly gaming club that allows you to play old school, Old Glory makes a dwarf horse canon that fits the bill. This model is a smaller canon than most dwarven artillery and comes with the horse and a crew of four. We left the horse out of our photo, sorry. We also swapped out the smaller metal wheels for larger plastic spares we had available.

Here we started basing the cannon with black and used Burnt Umber on all the woodwork. The dragon heads were painted with a base of Burgundy.

A lighter coat of Raw Umber was then applied to all the woodwork.

Last step for the wood was a light drybrush of Territorial Beige. The metalwork was given a coat of Antique Bronze and drybrush highlights of Pure Bonze.

The steel shod wheels were painted first with Gun Metal and then highlighted with Aluminium.

The canon barrel was painted with Pure Bronze.

We then applied a black wash to bring out details and last touches of highlights to the woodwork and metals.

The crew consists of a pirate captain and three stout dwarf warriors. Here they are with base coats and most details applied.

Finally based and in their "Old Glory". Maybe next time we'll show you how to build an artillery emplacement for any of your cannons.

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow


  1. Fantastic work, the gun is amazing!

  2. Great job! Nice blog you have here... have to follow :)

  3. Thanks guys, always love to get comments on what others like and like to see. Glad you are enjoying the blog!